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What is Success?

“What the world doesn’t tell you – because it doesn’t know – is that you cannot become successful. You can only be successful. Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.” 

                                                                   Eckhart Tolle

Success is often a future-oriented concept. We want to become successful and to live a successful life. We work towards success. But something that I’ve recently learned is that success can actually be very current. If you think about it, you can really only be presently successful; the future hasn’t happened yet so neither have your future successes. We’ve all heard someone tell us to “live in the present,” and it may even be a philosophy that you try to implement in your own life, but have you ever thought about success that way? I haven’t for most of my life, and have been constantly worried about my future and my future successes. I thought about things like “what college will I go to?” to “will I get a good GPA this semester?”  and “what career will I have?” and “will I make enough money to live?”  In one way or another, it has always been “will I be successful (later on)?”

Through my interactions and coaching with i.b.mee., I am learning to look at success as a present occurrence, and as process-oriented rather than future-oriented. This has been empowering for me and eliminated a lot of my stress. Of course I want to be successful in the future, but I’ve realized the worth and success in what I am doing right now.  I am realizing that focusing on the process of taking my next steps towards a clear vision helps me feel more confident because I am in the present moment, which is the only thing I can control.  I still have some worries about my future when I forget this process because it’s a new skill that I’m learning, but I feel more secure in my present and have a widened view of what success is.

Being a part of i.b.mee. as an intern has greatly helped me shift my way of thinking about my future and the concept of success. Our Live Your Legacy camp for girls grades 10-12 provides experiences to have that same feeling of empowerment and success about yourself. This program is all about career and leadership building, and helping you to be secure in your present path. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn what you really want, and how that will in turn help you to be successful. For more information contact us. Scholarships are available so don’t hesitate!

Written by Madeline Moore – Western Carolina University Senior