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The Followers are the Game Changers: It’s a New Dance

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D.

Have you seen this 3 minute popular video showing how followers are the key in changing a culture? …check it out


Great leaders have the gift of vision. They see and know what positive changes could be even in the mist of cultural and system complacency or chaos. It takes a vision to jumpstart a change. It takes followers to make and sustain the change as the video brilliantly points out. Without their risk-taking, the norm would not have changed and the others would not have experienced the fun and excitement of moving their bodies to the music, -a new dance.

big change_118864402There is a new dance happening on small stages all over the world in education. It began with a generation of “lone-nut” leaders envisioning a new healthy, empowering way of  life. People like Steven Covey, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pete Egoscue, Alphie Cohn, Peter Senge, John Travis, Deepak Chopra, Sue Johnson, Neal Donald Walsch, Anthony Robbins, Debbie Ford,  Brene Brown, Daniel Segal, Peter Gray, Louise Hay, Bobbie Burdett, Bruce Lipton, Gabor Mate, Doc Childers, Sir Ken Robinson, Gregg Braden and hundreds of others, have stepped outside the old ingrained philosophies and systems and have contributed in unique ways to lay the       groundwork for a new educational stage.

Because these visionaries embraced their first followers as equals, more and more people are catching on to the new, healthy empowerment dance of life. Many of these followers are creating  a WAVE of CHANGE that is already beginning to show up on the educational stage; protégés that are out there right now experimenting and teaching this new dance.

The educational game is changing. This next generation of followers, who may not be as well-known as the visionaries mentioned above, is the one that is independently and spontaneously bringing the new, healthy, empowerment paradigm into reality, starting schools, writing books, trying out new practices and trainings, and getting amazing results.

Grateful for these pockets of empowerment education already happening, I fully believe that momentum is shifting and the tides are turning as the new dance will soon catch fire everywhere. Empowerment Education will become the norm.

For this to happen, the most important followers, our students and their teachers and parents must join the Empowerment Education dance. They must be treated with respect as equals by being heard and supported, truly having a voice for what is working and not working in education. Having a say for change is risky for these followers. However, as the first few brave ones come forward and the conversation begins, it seems to me that these followers will actually end up being the leaders of the change. Don’t you agree?

It is time to embrace and apply what we already know works in creating confident students well equipped for anything life throws at them and that we move away from a negative, stress-inducing paradigm.  We must all stand as the source of a new educational story for students… A story based on a new definition of success, healthy ways of being, innovation in motion, and an expanded idea of what it means to learn and be human.”

i.b.mee. is the HUB of empowerment leaders, programs, practices and schools and is designed to be the source of these empowerment ways for students and their teachers and parents. The more they learn about and take part in a healthy, empowerment educational paradigm, the faster and easier the shift will happen.

i.b.mee.  is most importantly, a safe haven to hear and support what is empowering and not empowering, working to make the school experience one that students and teachers want to wake up to every day and go to without hesitation.

So Join Us -and get ready for the healthy, empowerment education dance.

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Be Empowered!

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D.