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From Loneliness to Love: The Empowerment Journey of a College Student

My educational journey has comprised of many ups and downs. From the time I started kindergarten until my senior year of college, I attended nine different schools—two elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and three colleges. My continual transitions from school to school impacted me in more ways than I can count, mainly in my inability to sustain friendships and bonds throughout my life. I didn’t get a  chance to form solid and reliable relationships with my peers, which created a deep sense of worthlessness within myself early on.

My inability to make connections with people has not only influenced my current emotional, mental, and physical health but has caused obstacles in the latter half of my educational path. During my freshman year in college, I had no motivation to complete the work for my courses, let alone be in school. In hindsight, I realize that the insignificance that I felt was one of the reasons I quit after my sophomore year feeling lost, sick, and unable to make informed decisions about my life.

Fortunately, these internal challenges began to shift as I transferred schools to Western Carolina University where I started to meet good friends and became an intern at i.b.mee. my senior year. At i.b.mee., I organized their educational research and supported the company with their social media which helped me learn more about my strengths and passions. I also took part in learning i.b.mee.’s W.E.L.L. curriculum, which taught me information and skills about how to be personally empowered in a world where it can be really challenging. This included wellness and life coaching as well as vision mapping and the practice of awareness techniques that taught me how to deal with negative thoughts and emotions. These activities began to teach me to open up parts of myself becoming more and more self-aware, enlightened, empowered and well. I’ve discovered that I have many different parts to myself and some can cause overthinking, stress, anxiety, and questions about my abilities and success. I’ve learned how to efficiently self-reflect in a non-judgemental way in order to accurately define and come to terms with the person I am today.

Through my gained knowledge about Empowerment Education and living a W.E.L.L.thy life, I’ve been more aware of the needs of others and the needs I have as well. I had never felt that I was good enough to have deep connections in my life, but my experiences with i.b.mee has shown me that working on myself and the path I want to take in life is just as important. When I change my perspective and energies about what challenges mean, how I can move through them to empowering ones, and continue building positive patterns within myself, the rest will follow; I will see my goals come into fruition. I am now developing meaningful friendships, something I didn’t think I was capable of. It’s a scary journey with ups and downs, yet I have learned to trust that good will come in many forms as I create being W.E.L.L. in all aspects of my life.

Melissa Habit – i.b.mee. Intern – Western Carolina University English Graduate Student