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Susannah Crawford

Health and Wellness Promotion

Susannah is a high energy, fun, and intrinsically motivated young woman. She came on board in June 2014 and had the task of creating i.b.mee. Institute’s foundational research protocols to move forward in the development of i.b.mee.’s Empowerment Education Certification for schools.

While working at i.b.mee., she achieved the following:

1. Update the i.b.mee. White Paper to give a clearer evidence-based foundation for why  Empowerment Education and the certification are needed.  (includes trauma, brain, connection research)

2. Help create the Working Definitions and Criteria for wellness, empowerment, leadership, and live your legacy from our foundational research.

3. Develop the protocols for the Empowerment Education Certification Criteria

4. Develop the Research Hub Form to house all empowerment media and keep all information organized.

5. Create the Foundation Research Form to set the pre-criteria for the certification.

6. Begin to find qualified media to read the Research Hub Brief (mini-blog) and create the protocols for Simply Empowered (Tips on Pinterest). Analyze the media and pull out the main empowered information.