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Empower Yourself Empower Students and Teachers Shift Classrooms and Schools Create a World of W.E.L.L.- being. 


We know that you as a teacher tend to be stressed, surviving, and sacrificing every day, dealing with old educational philosophies and a new type of student. We know you want something different. We have talked to so many of you. You are ready to make your classrooms places of real connection, contribution and calm, a place where everyone thrives, even yourself, no matter the challenges outside of you. 

Learn the Empowerment Education System through a self-paced, step by step process and know how to shift your classroom into a trauma-informed W.E.L.L. Classroom where all students are more confident, emotionally regulated and inspired to learn. You can integrate the material in your current classroom and make powerful changes now. Your experience with us culminates in earning a professional Student Empowerment Coaching Certification for the classroom.

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School leaders are faced with competing and ever-changing priorities with too many things to do and not enough time and resources. Leaders tell us that they rarely get to do the things that truly make a difference for teachers and students. You already have a lot of things in place that are working in your school, but knowing how to create schools that thrive for everyone is a challenge. You are ready to connect and lead from the heart more easily so that your relationships with teachers and students are the priority. You are ready to provide a healthy and empowering school environments where everyone thrives, no matter the challenges. 

Learn the Empowerment Education System through a self-paced step-by-step process and know how to shift your school into a trauma-informed W.E.L.L. School where students and teachers are less stressed, more positively engaged, and more inspired to learn, grow and contribute. Your experience with us culminates in earning a professional Teacher Empowerment Coaching Certification so your educators support each other and their students with more connection and mastery, and they teach with more purpose and enthusiasm.

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As teachers, students, and school leaders become more empowered and healthy, it is important that you as a parent get involved by learning the same new-paradigm concepts and skills. Our parent coaching program, The W.E.L.L. Home, provides a solid foundation for parents of the students in our program. Enjoy the benefits of true empowerment for you and your child.

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The current educational system has made it challenging for you as a high school student to find your passion and gain clarity and confidence in your next steps to creating a future that is exciting, meaningful, and fulfilling. Our Live Your Legacy programs give you the support and skills you need now to be more clear, confident and connected to who you are and what you want to experience in life!  This experience culminates in you becoming an Empowerment Coach for yourself and your peers as well as earning your high school health credit.

Step into your future now using a proven coaching method, by becoming more connected to the present moment.  Naturally become more inspired and fulfilled in life by learning to apply neuroscience, metaphysics, leadership, wellness principles and psychology to your well-being and life. Know how to have the best chance of reaching your full potential and the future YOU want. 


Educators are stressed, overwhelmed and burned out, trying to keep up with the external demands of the system. Students are dealing with epidemics of suicide, violence, depression, addiction and chronic disease. Our program Coaching for Educators (C4E) provides a platform for you, a professional, credentialed life and wellness coach, to give educators a first experience of the art and science of coaching as a gift.

Can you imagine what it would be like if all educators were life and well-being coaches in the classroom? We can… and when this happens, the whole educational system will shift into a healthy and empowering, new-paradigm system where everyone thrives. We would love for you to join our team as one of our C4E coaches! 

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Non-profit organizations need community members like yourself to be a part of our journey. We love your support to help educators and students get the training and coaching they need to shift into a thriving paradigm of learning. We have specifically designed some experiences for you to participate in, to not only to begin to experience the new-paradigm, but to give your unique expertise to the new Declaration of Education. 

Your participation can happen in many simple ways from shopping with us, contributing to our FEH Scholarship Fund, or joining our Empowerment Education Revolution for W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® where you can participate in our events, and follow us on social media. Anything you do, big or small, makes a HUGE difference. 

We promise!

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