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Meg Hanshaw Ph.D., BCC

Empowerment Education Trainer

Dr. Meg Hanshaw has been called an educational and wellness visionary for the 21st century, supporting all ages in understanding and living a healthy, empowered, purposeful life. Her mission is to have a profound impact on the health and education of the world by teaching and living the principles of the world’s happiest and healthiest people.

Through her forward-thinking practice, she researches and lectures about how the heart-brain connection affects the development and prevention of chronic illnesses as well as how it affects our work and home systems, and especially our educational system. Through her education and experiences, Meg has developed an educational model and philosophy to not only better the health and wellness of its participants, but for them to feel empowered to live their highest and healthiest visions and have many experiences of true personal success based on intrinsic values.

Meg taught physical education and health at all levels for 20 years, then spent 6 years in Corporate Wellness where she learned the challenges individuals face in living a life of balance, authenticity, peace and happiness. She owned a Peak Performance business where she mastered how to provide a platform for athletes to perform at their optimal level and still lead a balanced life. She is certified Life Coach as well as a certified Wellness Inventory Coach. Meg has a masters in Exercise Science and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction in Education. She currently oversees the day to day development of i.b.mee. as well as trains in the Empowerment Education Framework and the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System curriculum to students, teachers and parents.