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Kim Griffith, MA, BCC

Co-Founder, Vice-President of the Board
Empowerment Education Trainer

Kim is a Board Certified Life, Health and Wellness Coach with her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies/Psychology. She developed the WAVE Process™, an effective 4-step coaching and communication tool and practice that is the missing link to what blocks people from thriving through the power of connection. She specialized in working families where her approach integrates brain research with the principles of high-level Wellness and Positive Psychology.

After reading dozens of self-help books, attending endless seminars, and obtaining my graduate degree, I found myself often triggered — I felt challenged with parenting my daughter, was struggling in my marriage, and facing health issues. I knew a band-aid wouldn’t cut it — I needed real solutions.  After digging deep, I became aware of what seemed to be the missing ingredient in my life — connection. Emotional triggers can completely derail true connection, intimacy, and success.  And I discovered that triggers  are actually the precise and perfect gateway to reconnect within, with others, and with our Divine Source. This was the catalyst that altered my life, as it has also done with thousands of others … from parents, to business executives, to educators.

Combining and synthesizing tools from many disciplines, I created The WAVE Process®, a blueprint for moving from triggers and disconnection to connection and empowerment. This process can increase emotional intelligence, motivation, communication, and decision-making … providing the ability to build healthy relationships and experience authentic well-being and success.

“Through my years of coaching and being a parent, I discovered a major common theme – our early experiences have a tremendous impact on our ability to create and live the life we really want.  What we are told as children, how we are supported, and how our early experiences shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, defines the quality of our life, and ultimately determines our individual experience of success. My research and experience with both parents and children led me to understand some important ingredients in providing an environment of confidence, connection, and compassion both at home and in school – that fosters a child’s innate desire to learn, love and contribute. My role with i.b.mee. fulfills my dream to share the concepts I’ve learned in both my personal and professional life to make an impact and contribute on a much larger scale. I envision a time when it becomes the norm for every child in our schools to be empowered with an educational environment that enables them to thrive.” Kim lives in Dallas Texas.