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It is time!

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D.

It is time for a healthy, empowered education in a new world for all students! 

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be introducing the first i.b.mee. Empowerment Education blog post and unleash my life’s mission. –for all children to have the freedom, confidence and skills to live their highest and healthiest vision for themselves, their community and their world. All of my educational and life experiences have unfolded into the vision of i.b.mee.  It is our goal to set the standard and bring to life a truly healthy educational framework based in a new paradigm of high-level Wellness, Empowerment,  Leadership, and Living your Legacy so our next generation is a W.E.L.L. generation.


This empowerment paradigm leaves “no child behind”, which has little to do with test scores and the survival of the fittest philosophy. It does have everything to do with providing a culture of respect, cooperation and connection where all children no matter their age, race, or income are given equal opportunity to use their gifts, passions and creativities to gain the confidence, skills and discipline necessary to stay motivated to learn and to contribute to their communities. It sets a precedent that until you respect, love and accept yourself, it is nearly impossible to truly respect, love and accept others. It creates a positive environment of trust, integrity, honesty, fun and growth that is highly contagious, healthy and inspiring. Students feel compassion and purpose and are resilient to life’s challenges.  Mistakes, vulnerabilities, and emotions are seen as normal and are welcomed because they lead to more discoveries of the self and of their life purpose. Today, there are many closet education “transformational-ists” -parents, teachers, researchers, educational leaders, and students- who inherently know that this is the way to move forward. We have been talking about this for years.

One of the things that has stood in the way of creating a healthy educational framework is that much of our past educational research endeavors, even though they had good intentions, were  focusing on goals such as raising test scores. This viewpoint put the definition of educational success in a competitive, outcome-based framework which breeds comparison, judgment, jealousy, unstable self-worth, and a “not enough” mentality. These traits and emotions lead to decreases in perceived control and increases in stress. It is common knowledge today that increased physiological and psychological stress is one of the main undercurrents of our epidemics of chronic disease, violence and bullying, and the massive herd of school dropouts.

Although I have found that most teachers and students, along with many others feel that changing the current educational model is hopeless, and that moving the school paradigm into a healthy and intrinsically motivating one seems futile, there have fortunately been bits and pieces of healthy, empowering theories, practices and programs peeking through the dense cloud of the unproductive, unhealthy, disempowering and controlling ones. This new tribe of information is based in personal wellness, empowerment and leadership and leads to the positive outcomes we are really wanting. They are lead by great visionaries and evolved educational minds that are sometimes lost in the sea of mainstream research. I believe that when brought together, the results of their research, philosophies and practices will be strong enough to influence the change. These hidden gems will be (and already are) the beginnings of the cultural and personal empowerment standards that will lead the way for the next generation of students to truly live the new definition of  educational success.

How is i.b.mee. contributing to this healthy educational framework?  

i.b.mee. is serving as the central HUB of consolidating these best empowerment minds, practices, programs, and schools together.  We are the source that is setting the standard and bringing to life the empowerment education model which consists of merging high-level wellness, leadership, and living your legacy into an empowered learning and teaching system and environment.

I believe it is perfect timing for this endeavor, and that we are ready; the world is ready for the positive educational transformation that is going to explode during the next 25 years.  Because of this, the excitement in my body rings through me like a clarion trumpet call knowing that we are on our way in creating a WAVE of CHANGE for a healthy paradigm of education and that our students will truly be empowered.

Please join others in reading the i.b.mee. blog posts  and learn about empowerment education through the real life stories of those brilliant minds, practices and programs that are already out there. In addition, you will learn about i.b.mee. research and how we are applying the results into a new educational system with empowering practices and programs. Last but not least, you will discover how you can contribute to the Empowerement Education Revolution and know that your contribution will be heard and acted upon.

One way to contribute right now is to sign up for our Empowerment Education E-Letter to stay updated on where we are in our journey as a non-profit. Also, please go to Tools for Empowerment on the navigation bar above and check out all of our free programs.  There may be one for you.

Welcome to i.b.mee. and Be W.E.L.L.!

Sincerely and Authentically,

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D.