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How Would You Change the Education System?

What you have experienced matters to the future of education!

We asked 100 people at an educators conference, “If you had all the money, skills, time, and support, how would you change the educational system to be more empowering and healthy?”

This is what they said.

  1. More diversity
  2. Real food education
  3. Outdoor, experiential classrooms
  4. Student-centered
  5. Social and emotional learning would be the priority
  6. Everyone involved in the school would be involved in a healthy way
  7. Create the space and time in our schools to address the stress of being human at a state and national level.
  8. Hug every child every morning
  9. There would be equal respect between the teacher and student
  10. No fluorescent lighting
  11. Real-time classroom teacher training
  12. Time for social and emotional learning
  13. Parent training that was empowering!
  14. Smaller class sizes for better student/teacher relationships
  15. Take time to understand the parents/care givers life challenges
  16. Movement allowed a lot!
  17. Really listen to teacher challenges and do something about it instead of creating an environment where teachers are afraid to talk about their challenges, create new ideas, and make changes because of the fear of losing their job.
  18. More Counselors!
  19. Help staff understand parents, not just place blame on them
  20. Curriculum guided psycho-education

We want to know what you think! Take part in telling your anonymous education story to continue the shift!

Thank you.