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For W.E.L.L. Kids NOW®


We reimagine K-12 education as learning and coaching communities that address the unique needs of students to build better learning experiences. We envision education through a trauma-informed, whole-child, person-centered lens, where educators partner with students as their learning and life coaches, prioritizing student well-being, life skills, and social-emotional learning, integrating the coaching-approach with teaching, resulting in deeper learning and subject mastery. 

We see schools taking a multi-level, sustainable approach to ensure safe, stable, nurturing relationships and healthy, empowering learning environments which are the core to preventing and reversing the adverse effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and creating equitable education. This SHIFT serves as a missing link to ending our chronic disease, violence, and suicide epidemics by reducing toxic stress and increasing Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) at school and beyond.  


Our mission is to bring to life healthy and empowering school climates by training educators as trauma-informed, life and learning coaches…


...so classrooms are learning communities where all students count & everyone is W.E.L.L!

Empowerment Education (EE)

…is a trauma-informed teaching and learning system based in the art and science of life coaching that integrates social-emotional learning, wellness, leadership, and life skills into the daily routines, curriculum, and learning objectives of classrooms and schools enhancing overall well-being, relationships, and learning.

Empowerment Education answers the research question,

“What is the process of a truly intrinsically-motivating, healthy teaching and learning system- one where students and their educators can’t wait to wake up and go to every day because they are excited to have another experience of how their gifts, innovations, ideas, and personal passions will come alive and contribute to the greater good NOW?”


Why a new Way?

Students are struggling.


Is the 2nd leading cause of death for 10-14 year olds; 3rd leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds.1


Nearly 60,000 youth under age 18 are incarcerated in juvenile jails and prisons.2


Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds.3


Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death for 5-9 year olds;  3rd leading cause of death for 10-14 year olds.4

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

By 12th grade, 62% of U.S. teens have abused alcohol; 50% of teenagers have misused a drug at least once.5

Suspension & Dropouts

Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the U.S. That’s a student every 26 seconds.6

The Challenge

Although the current universal education system is highly needed, and students can find enough connections, skills and resources to improve their lives….there is a huge cost.

This archaic, robotic, outcome-driven, competitive education system builds disempowering and unhealthy patterns of behaviors and habits which results in toxic stress leading to these epidemics.

“We are in an educational “disconnection epidemic” and the students and teachers are paying the price for it, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and mentally.”

-Meg Hanshaw PhD

IT’S TIME for the education system to SHIFT!

We can do this.

With 85 million teachers, and 600 million students globally, and mandatory education in most countries,

schools are the perfect arenas to integrate a new story of learning from the inside-out, one that builds empowering patterns and habits, a new definition of success that allows ease and flow, healthy ways of well-being, innovation in motion, and an expanded idea of what it means to learn and be human. 

It is vital that we shift into a healthy and empowering system of educating students so the new generation of young people truly have the best chance of reaching their full potential. We respect that each student’s potential is different, yet share the common thread of contributing to the greater good of our planet in a purposeful way.

Our educators and students deserve this!



into the New Paradigm of Education


i.b.mee.’s mission is a powerful one and its strategic plan for THE SHIFT in education bloomed out of the vision of Meg Hanshaw PhD after she quit her college basketball team her junior year, depressed, sick, injured, and addicted.

founder & Executive director

Meg Hanshaw Ph.D., BCC

Having access to every resource needed to grow up thriving, she was driven to find out why she had shifted from passion and joy to passionless and shame. This challenge catapulted her into a life-long quest to discover what makes young people (herself included) have the best chance of reaching their full potential.  

She spent the next thirty years researching, piloting and benchmarking positive youth developmental practices and programs. Fifteen of those years were spent coaching basketball where she learned how to create a system of change to turn-around losing teams and build mentally and physically intelligent athletes. Meg had also struggled being a health and physical education teacher and professor in the old paradigm of education. She knew that the peak performance and thriving research was not being applied in the education setting as she began to see disempowering and unhealthy patterns of student behaviors during their school years and beyond. In 2019, this research culminated in her developing a comprehensive system of healthy and empowering personal and environmental (systems) change for classrooms and schools. She named this system Empowerment Education. She founded the nonprofit, i.b.mee. (I Be Me) in 2011, to help support her “thriving” research and to dissipate the Empowerment Education programs to teachers, school leaders, parents and students at a reduced cost. 

Together with the i.b.mee. Board and team members, they have developed an online hybrid learning management system and community to organize and distribute the years of information that went into the Empowerment Education System. These experiences include innovative and valid research from major domains of learning such as health and wellness, neuroscience, psychology, metaphysics, value science, leadership and communication that together lead educators to obtain a full Empowerment Education System Certification.

This certification is researched and designed as a new-paradigm healthy and empowering system of coaching and teaching that culminates in knowing HOW to shift classrooms and schools into the new paradigm, as well as becoming a certified Empowerment Coach.

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