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Anna Ippolito

Hi there! I am a senior at Western Carolina University. I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing. Entering my senior year of college, I wanted to gain some in-person experience in the social media marketing industry. As a part of my program of study at WCU, I had to have an internship completed before graduation. I had never had an internship before, so this was my first. Dr. Hanshaw allowed me an opportunity to work as the Social Media Marketing Intern at i.b.mee. As a social media marketer and content creator for i.b.mee., I had the opportunity to use my creative skills and practice them in real life, on a real project. I was able to work together with Dr. Hanshaw and the other team members/interns to create interesting and engaging content for i.b.mee. and its other divisions. I learned a lot about  organization, how to define target markets, the importance of branding and how to do it properly, and also creating content. My time at i.b.mee has not only been great because of the mission they support, but also because Dr. Hanshaw allowed me to use my creative talents to represent her company. I could not be more grateful for her and this experience.