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International Body-Mind Empowerment Enterprises 

i.b.mee. (International Body-Mind Empowerment Enterprises) or I Be Me, is an innovative world-wide education coaching, training and consulting non-profit located in Asheville NC USA.

We are dedicated to serving as the central hub of a vital growing Empowerment Education Revolution called the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Movement by strongly holding the vision of a new story of education, one that is already being unleashed.  This story is based on a “new definition of success, healthy ways of being, innovation in motion, and an expanded idea of what it means to learn and be human.”  We see learning environments where everyone thrives.

Our mission is to set a new standard and bring to life a healthy and empowering education system so all students are W.E.L.L. 

Well    –    Empowered   –   heart-centers Leaders   –      

who love to learn, love life & are living their Legacy NOW

Our young people are not W.E.L.L. They are involved in many life-threatening challenges we call the “Big 3” Epidemics.

Toxins/Stress/Sedentary = Chronic Disease Cycle

  • Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death for 5-14 years-olds.
  • 6.4 million (11%) of children 4-17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2011.
  • 20.6% of adolescents age 12-19 years are obese (2013-2014).

Dropout/Depression/Addiction = Suicide Cycle

  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds and the 3rd leading cause of death for 10-14 year olds
  • 8% of high schoolers attempt suicide every year. (mostly middle/upper class students)
  • Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone.
  • In 2015, an estimated 3 million adolescents (12.5%) aged 12 to 17 in the United States had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.
  • More than 23 million people over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

Poverty/Violence/Crime = Incarceration Cycle

  • More than 600,000 young people are living in juvenile detention centers each one costing $88,000 dollars/year.
  • 20% of American school-aged children (3-18) are now on behavioral medications.
  • 3.4 million students who are suspended every year that are then 20% more likely to be involved with the judicial system.
  • 109,000 students who were paddled or physically punished in the 2013-2014 school year.
  • 1 in 4 students who report being bullied during the school year.
  • And the 68% of prison inmates do not have a high school degree.



These are just a few of the many sad and unnecessary statistics that our young people face today. Our work at i.b.mee. has never been more vital for the future of our young people. Valuable lives are being lost and we are losing billions of dollars economically. The total costs involved when ONE troubled child grows up and drops out of school, uses drugs and becomes a career criminal averages at least 2.5 million dollars per individual. A child who commits suicide or dies prematurely, negates over 1 million dollars worth of potential productivity for our economy. This doesn’t include the billions of dollars we spend treating both physical and mental illnesses and addictions.

It is time we understand, prevent and eradicate the two main root causes of these epidemics.

#1 – Childhood Abuse, Maltreatment, Neglect and other Disconnections.

Globally in 2014, 1 billion children aged 2-17 years experienced physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, or multiple types of violence and disconnections.5  Every year in the U.S., more than 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children.6   What is really concerning is that just about every child has experienced trauma and disconnections in some way or another, no matter their race, culture, income or status. We are in an epidemic of the unintentional disempowering treatment of young people.

The Adverse Childhood Experience Study or ACE Study shows the link between the disempowering or maltreatment of children and negative life outcomes. Children who have had trauma without proper support are less likely to feel good about themselves and struggle to positively develop cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. When these disconnections occur, it is normal for the child to form disempowering beliefs about themselves and their abilities that become their negative self-identity (I’ll never be good enough. Why try? No one likes me. I don’t belong.) These belief systems will cause increases in their sensitivities to everyday life and their fight, flight or freeze responses.7  (They get triggered more easily.) Continuously living in a reactive, fearful state without trusting, consistent, and nurturing relationships results in increases in toxic stress which leads to decreases in healthy mental, physical and emotional development and the inability to form functional relationships.8

It is time we understand, prevent and eradicate the two main root causes of these epidemics.

#2 – The inherent “systematic trauma” from the archaic, industrialized, one-size-fits-all current educational system and philosophy.

Today’s conventional education system is not designed to deal with the adverse effects of ACEs that two-thirds or more of American students are coming to school with.9  In fact, our research shows that the current public school educational philosophy is actually unintentionally adding both primary and secondary trauma in our students. Students are developing even more disempowering beliefs about their abilities to learn and grow such as, “High levels of stress and overwhelm are normal” or “I am stupid” or “No matter how hard I try, it will never be enough”. “We are actually in a beliefs gap, not an achievement gap.10  Young people spend an average of 1600-2000 hours in school every year! This takes up between 30-40% of their young lives. The ramifications of this old-paradigm, roboticized, one-size-fits-all, competitive, outcome-based system has added to a current generation of disconnected students and teachers who are stressed-out, depressed, angry, exhausted and unhealthy and are too unaware or scared to say or do anything about it.

Students of all ages are waking up everyday not feeling motivated to go to school. When we ask high school students if they value school more than 50% of the time they state, “Not really but I don’t have a choice. I need to make the grade, pass the class, get a good job and make it in life”.  It is only because of the social aspect that they survive at all. Thousands of high school students are dropping out of school and we are in the highest teacher attrition rate ever. Only 4.6% of college freshman are currently going into teacher education.22 What if the reason students and teachers are unhappy and leaving has little to do with themselves, but that the system they are learning and teaching in is not working?


We now know that the root cause of the Big 3 Epidemics for young people are that they are experiencing the negative effects from adverse childhood experiences that happen in the home and from the conventional education system. We can’t put a bandaid on this anymore. Our next generation’s ability to thrive and the sustainability of our planet depends on what we do now.

We must develop a plan that gets at the root causes and supports our young people in these TWO ways. i.b.mee.’s strategic plan sets out to do both of these.

(1) To PREVENT the continuation of the unintentional disempowering treatment our young people. Through our research we have found that the #1 KEY ingredient for students to have the best chance to reach their full potential and to prevent and reverse the Big 3 stats is their ability feel love and acceptance for who they are, -to develop a confident, positive self-identity, -to be themselves. There is unequivocal evidence supporting that for young people to do this, they need safe, stable, and supportive relationships with healthy and empowering environments especially during times when they feel scared, unsure, or not OK. 11  The human brain and nervous system are hardwired for connection and belonging. Kids need to feel seen, heard and valued for who they are and that they belong and are loved/liked in order to feel good about themselves and become a positive contributing member of their community.

(2) To provide students with what they NEED NOW to REVERSE the effects of ACEs and other disconnections. Since school is where kids spend a great majority of their time, it is imperative that students and teachers are offered a healthy and empowering educational experience where they are excited and motivated to attend because they can’t wait to have another experience of how their gifts and skills will come alive and contribute to their personal growth and the greater good NOW.  The old “survival of the most academically and athletically fittest” educational framework needs to be displaced by a healthy and empowering one where everyone thrives. It is time to offer an educational system and philosophy where all the people working, learning and playing there, “are fully at ease with themselves and with their colleagues, brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Nobody wears a mask or pretends to be someone they are not. Everybody is using their talents to the fullest and seems incredibly alive.”12  

i.b.mee.’s mission is a powerful one and its strategic plan for the shift in education bloomed out of the vision of Dr. Meg Hanshaw after she quit her college basketball team her junior year, depressed, sick, injured, and addicted. Having access to every resource needed to grow up thriving, she was driven to find out why she had shifted from passion, confidence and joy to passionless, sickness and shame. This challenge catapulted her into a life-long quest to discover what makes young people have the best chance of reaching their full potential and thriving.  (Read Meg’s Full Story here)

The Empowerment Education Model (EEM)

For 30 years, Dr. Hanshaw has been synthesizing research theories from many domains of learning from Education, Sports Psychology, Coaching, Health and Wellness -to- Psychology, Sociology, Quantum Physics, Archeology, Epigenetics and Neuroscience. She has been integrating their key frameworks, assumptions, concepts and principles to develop a much needed, new-paradigm educational framework she calls the Empowerment Education Model (EEM).  The 4 main PILLARS of the EEM are Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Legacy.

The EEM is in the process of setting a new standard for a new-paradigm of education. Within it, is the information and experiences adults and students need to begin to prevent ACEs and other disconnection from continuing.

i.b.mee. is currently consolidating the EEM research and developing the curriculum for our coaching, training and consulting programs for 2020. During this time, the EEM will be tested for its efficacy in a world-wide qualitative research project as part of our W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Movement.

The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System

Since 2000, Dr. Hanshaw has also been piloting and benchmarking a personal wellness, empowerment, leadership and legacy program with innovative practices with athletes, students, teachers and parents of all ages in schools, businesses and homes. This research resulted in a comprehensive system of personal and environmental change that i.b.mee. calls the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System (WKNS). It is based in the art and science of wellness and life coaching and its purpose is to prevent and reverse the negative effects of ACEs and other disconnections through the positive development of the “self” through safe, stable and supportive relationships and a healthy and empowering learning and living environment.

The WKNS contains the strategic vision using an inside-out, top-down system of change, to shift classrooms, schools, districts and the entire education system into healthy and empowering new-paradigm learning and living environments (EEM) so that ALL students, even the most at-risk and challenged, have the best chance of reaching their full potential in school, career, relationships and adult life. Our i.b.mee. Empowerment Coaches have become a part of the system of care for students in Asheville North Carolina public schools, injecting into the disempowering school framework “THE HOW” to create W.E.L.L. students, teachers, classrooms and school environments with over 500 teachers, principals, counselors, parents and students.

THE SHIFT into Empowerment Education will serve as one of the primary missing links to ending our chronic disease, incarceration, and suicide epidemics by greatly reducing DisConnection and Toxic Stress.

i.b.mee. is bringing to life W.E.L.L. students in 4 ways!

The Research

Through our i.b.mee. Research Institute, we are doing a 3-phase qualitative research study that answers the question…“What is the process of a truly intrinsically-motivating, healthy educational system- one where students can’t wait to wake up and go to every day because they are excited to have another experience of how their gifts, innovations, ideas, and personal passions will come alive and contribute to the greater good today?”

  1. Phase 1 – Foundational Research – We are finding and synthesizing all the Foundational Researchers that have added to the new educational paradigm as a baseline researcher.
  2. Phase 2 – Central Hub Research – We are collecting, synthesizing, and merging current and past empowerment research and information; this includes: best practices, powerful programs, great minds, and empowered schools.  
  3. Phase 3 – Grass Roots Research – We are collecting information straight from the voices of our teachers, students, administrators and parents about the educational system. We ask pertinent open-ended education-efficacy questions answering the general question, “What is working in education and what is not” from a grass-roots perspective. The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Movement will roll-out more research in this area with “30 To Thrive” Interviews and “Our Voice Counts” World Cafes for Educators, Parents and Students.

The Outcomes of Our Research

  • To highlight, support, and adapt our Empowerment Education Model as an open-sourced framework for the new paradigm of education.
  • To serve as the foundation of our teacher, student, parent, and school trainings.
  • To bring awareness of the research, philosophies, practices, programs, schools, and great minds within Empowerment Education through our Simply Empowered Research Briefs.
  • To complete The Empowerment Education Inventory
  • To complete and distribute the research-based “School Experience Questionnaire”
  • To complete “The SHIFT ”…… Documentary
  • To complete The Empowerment Education book for teachers, certified coaches, counselors, parents and principals 
  • To complete KIDland Novel 
  • To open The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Coaching and Experiential Training Center

Review our Simply Empowered Research Briefs


The Program

i.b.mee. designed, researched and piloted their W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System for teachers, parents, school leaders, and students. This innovative educational learning and living philosophy and curriculum based on the Empowerment Education Model, is the foundation to all of our programs. The outcomes have been extremely promising. (increased well-being, intrinsic motivation to learn, grow and contribute, student lead conflict resolution and restorative justice, emotional intelligence, resilience, teacher job satisfaction, positive student behavior, increased academic outcomes…)

  1. Teacher Empowerment  –The W.E.L.L. Classroom 
  2. Student Empowerment  -Living Your Legacy High School program and camp
  3. Parent Empowerment  –The W.E.L.L. Home
  4. School Empowerment –  The W.E.L.L. Lab: An Alternative to In-school Suspension, The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System and Certification, Principal Coaching and Consulting

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The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Movement

i.b.mee. is dedicated to serving as a central hub of the Empowerment Education Revolution and the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Movement… to set the standard and bring to life a healthy and empowering educational system where everyone thrives. We envision that by the end of 2020, a large grass roots collaboration will have created a new Declaration of Education that states the new paradigm Principles of Success of educating children. This Declaration will stand for the shift in the current educational system into a healthy and empowering one. We are enrolling teachers, parents, students and other great positive educational reform leaders to pave the way with their voices, talents, and ideas. We are dedicated to develop students who are Well, Empowered, heart-centered Leaders who love to learn & are living their Legacy NOW! We provide a safe place for students, teachers, and great educational minds to speak about educational challenges and new paradigm solutions. We are marketing as: “ 1 million strong” to raise funds for the educational system shift!

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The W.E.L.L. KIDS NOW® Coaching and Experiential Training Center

Our long range vision is to set-up a coaching and training center in Asheville NC that will be the central hub of supporting the school districts in “tipping” their schools into the new-paradigm of learning and living. This “Central Hub” will provide the support for each school to develop and sustain a W.E.L.L. Lab in each school that then becomes the “Central Hub” of that learning community. Certified coaches, teachers, parents and leaders (anyone who works with young people) will learn the principles of the Empowerment Education Model and experience the new paradigm of the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System and be able to take it back to their schools with a W.E.L.L. Coach trained by i.b.mee. to implement the whole system into the school community.

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