The W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Center and Early Learning Lab

wellkidsnowlargeBy the goal date of 2020, i.b.mee. is working with the community to unleash
 a model Student and Teacher Wellness and Empowerment Center in Asheville NC. The Center will be the Central Hub of the New Paradigm of Education where students, teachers, administrators and parents can experience the framework Empowerment Education in Action. The Center will be the experiential educational source for modeling and teaching empowerment education systems, programs and curricula. In the center, teachers, students and their parents will have the opportunity for developing and experiencing positive well-being and health, optimal life experiences, and the love of life-long learning and personal success from an intrinsically motivating and empowering environment and framework of learning.  They will then be able to take their learnings back to their classrooms and homes and continue to shift their environments more and more into W.E.L.L. environments.

Within the WKN Center, the following programs will come together to create the new paradigm:


A complete Wellness Center (WellWerks™) which provides individual, integrated/holistic, systems/functional and preventative medicine and wellness services and education that will transform and empower participants towards positive well-being and healthy behaviors, as well as towards decreases-in and the elimination-of chronic disease. These wellness services and practices will be intermeshed throughout the entire curriculum everyday and not an after-thought or add-on programs.



A Wellness Café (NRG Eats™) which provides individualized, healthy nutritious snacks and meals and experientially educates children on how to select and prepare foods that will increase wellness and health outcomes based on their own needs. (open to the public)


An Indoor/outdoor Experiential Play, Fitness and Recreational Facility (Body Adventure™) that develops and sustains the love of movement for life and teaches the Mind-Body connection to Empowerment. (Open to the Public) 















An Educational Component– (CAPE Academy) with a complete and innovative learning experience and public school incubator program in the new paradigm based on the i.b.mee. Empowerment Education Model: A Healthy, Empowerment Paradigm of Education. It includes programs like:

STEAM Lab – Maker-spaces

Artistic Expressions- Theatre, Art Studios, Music

Natural World- Outdoor Learning Lab, Green and Sustainability

Research & Library Lab based on Passion Projects 

Life Skills Development- Rotating and ever changing

Reflection Zone- Gratitude tree, space places, calming activities (student led)

Portfolio and Self-Evaluation – computerized with anecdotal records

College Teacher Empowerment Education Masters Certification: Program for Certified Teachers. (1-2  year program)



Legacy Lodges – Huts and lodges for overnights.

Camps, Retreats and Coaching for Teachers and Parents

After School and Summer Programs for At-Risk Students

Day and Weekend Field Trips from the public schools for students and their teachers to “experience” a W.E.L.L. Classroom. (one day training for teachers while their students experience empowerment education)


Transportation Station – vans and buses either owned or rented from the school district to bring to and from.

WE are fundraising for major donations for land, buildings and materials.



Lead the Way! – $10,000 – $40,000

Empower our Children! – $50,000 – $90,000

Leave Your Legacy! – $100,000 – $900,000

THE VISIONARY! – $1,000,000 and above

  • Give $10 million – And we will name our center in your honor.

Imagine!   YOUR NAME  W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® Center

  • Give $5 million – And we will name a building in your honor.  
  • Give $1 million-  And we will name a room in your honor.