The WAVE Process®

IMG_9840 (2) copySince i.b.mee.’s main mission is to set the standard and bring to life a healthy and empowering educational system so all students are W.E.L.L., our founder, Dr. Meg Hanshaw, has sought out over the past 30 years, practices and tools that truly support young people in having their best chance of reaching their full potential. The WAVE Process® is one of those practices. Our Staff at i.b.mee. are certified in The WAVE Process® and have been piloting this trauma-informed method in the schools since 2011 with extremely effective results.  

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The WAVE Process® is a 4-step research-based coaching and communication method that is the  blueprint for moving through emotional triggers and mastering CONNECTION.

  • It gives the teachers, administrators and students the ability to become aware of, interrupt, and intimately get to know their own emotional triggers and their patterns that keeps them from  (1) building trusting, stable and supportive relationships and  (2) creating learning environments that are healthy and empowering.
  • It allows adults to respond to behaviorally or emotionally challenged students (and adults) in a confident, calm, authentic way, setting clear boundaries, moving towards win-win agreements, that ultimately diffuse conflict and power struggles. 
  • It helps brings both the student and teacher into the present moment allowing them to move forward in alignment with their empowering values.
  • It allows students and teachers to decrease the effects of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by increasing resilience so they can create higher solutions and take empowered action towards their highest and healthiest goals.



  • move through their emotional triggers more effectively & avoid projecting onto the students.
  • feel more empowered and enjoy teaching again.
  • increase their clarity and confidence to handle challenging student behavior. (increase self-efficacy in behavioral management)
  • feel less exhausted & stressed.
  • feel more creative & authentic as a teacher.
  • stand up for the student’s needs in a clear, respectful way so administration truly understand the trauma-informed changes that need to be made for each student.


  • increase their ability to transform their emotional triggers (be more resilient to external challenges).
  • get along with peers and adults better and contribute to the classroom activities in a more connected, empowered and peaceful way.  (self-led conflict resolution)
  • increase their intrinsic motivation to do academic work.
  • define success for themselves.

Overall, The WAVE Process® supports students and the adults who parent and work with them in building healthy relationships, making clearer decisions, communicating effectively, and experiencing true well-being and success!

Kate and Stacy