Teacher Empowerment Coaching

shutterstock_coaching8TEACHERS…do you feel like you are being bombarded with trainings that throw more and more information at you? The answer is probably yes. New educational research in areas such as brain science, Compassionate Schools, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mindfulness, Whole-person Wellness, and 21st Century teaching and learning practices are piling up and educational administration is being pressured to train their teachers in it. 

The positive aspect of this is that the research is cutting-edge and works in giving students, especially socially, emotionally and behaviorally challenged students, what they really need to thrive in school. As teachers apply this research, they begin to experience less stress and their students feel more inspired and empowered. The negative aspect of this is that teachers have to figure out how to apply the information into their classrooms on top of their already overwhelming demands. Knowing this great research and actually doing it becomes a major stressor.

Teachers are in dire need of HOW to implement all of the new information. 

It can feel frustrating, hopeless and stressful when you don’t know how to move from the old to the new ways of teaching and learning that you are being asked to do.


What would it feel like if you knew:

  • WHY having to teach and manage students in today’s educational system is such a struggle?
  • HOW to apply the best educational research to move through any challenge and be a more resilient teacher so you and your students will thrive in your classroom?

Research shows that a combination of Discussion + Demonstration + Practice & Feedback + Coaching will result in 95% of taa17dda3154248a09e80fb7bff3788a9he participants doing the new practices after one year. The Teacher Empowerment Coaching program, just in the design of the program itself, supports teachers in learning and sustaining the most current research practices.

Each teacher receives in-real-time classroom coaching from an Empowered Partnership perspective. We become a team for transforming whatever you need! …No evaluations …No “have to’s”.  Instead, there is an ART and SCIENCE to this shift. The science of the “why” and “how” to teacher and student empowerment, and the art of the individual teacher’s personality and gifts coming together to create their own W.E.L.L. Kids NOW environment. (Well, Empowered, self-Leaders, who are living their Legacy)

Teacher Results:

  • Feel respected by students.
  • Know what to do about student anger and defiance in a positive way that builds resiliency.
  • Feel less worried that students will not have good academic results.
  • Become the teacher you really want to be.
  • Feel less bombarded and confused by all the behavioral management skills.
  • Don’t have to use manipulation, threats, and control to get students to follow directions.
  • Are able to juggle many things in their lives and feel more peace and confidence in the classroom.
  • Feel like they are doing the right thing to help their students love learning and be happy.
  • Feel less stressed and love teaching again.
  • Students are more motivated to help around the classroom and do school work.

So if you are you interested in learning how to apply the most current research to transform your classroom into an Empowerment Classroom, 4_teachers_logo__small_fill out the form below and we will contact you.

We have been coaching teachers in the classroom in these new techniques for 5 years now.

Every teacher deserves to become a “Coach in the Classroom”.  Once you do, your life will never be the same again!