Student Empowerment Course

shutterstock_learnlead947The goal of this course is to introduce students to the foundational W.E.L.L. curriculum so that they begin to become resilient to life’s challenges and stress in today’s academic and extra-curricular culture. Life and school many times can feel like a strain instead of a truly enjoyable experience. Most middle school and high school students live with this stressful experience being “the norm”. Students have been covertly taught not to feel, to hold it all in, and to achieve, achieve, acheive. This, as research tells us, leads to disconnection, stress, addictions,  depression, violence, and disease. It is time to stand for a new way of being. This takes time and patience to develop in this generation, because today’s students lack internal empowering references so they can develop these resiliency skills.

This course teaches students:

1. How to deal with stress in the systems they live in today. This takes a step by step process of small action steps/behaviors and changes in personal belief systems over time that hold our students captive to their own disempowering ways of being.

2. What is High-level Wellness/well-being and what really creates well behaviors which lead to personal empowerment.

3. What is Personal Empowerment/resiliency and why we think we are resilient because we “get good grades”, make lots of money, etc, and make it through every day alive,  but this is not what makes us truly feel successful, healthy and fullfilled.

4. The Self-Leadership skills of goal-setting/vision-mapping and coaching/communication in the new empowerment paradigm so students learn to take total self-responsibility for what shows up in their life from a place of acceptance, confidence and peace rather from a place of shame, stress and a “I must ‘do-better’ to be someone” attitude.

5. What is means to Live Your Legacy, their purpose, everyday, not later; And to live this legacy from their own perspective not from others.

For a free strategy session to see if your school and students would benefit from creating this program at your school, please contact.