The Programs

Teacher Empowerment

programs_07Teachers are stressed dealing with old educational philosophies and a new-type of student. They want to know HOW to make their classroom a place where everyone thrives.  Our innovative programs help teachers shift into the 21st century, whole-child, empowerment learning paradigm.


Student Empowerment

programs_09The current educational system has made it challenging for high school and college students to truly find their passions and gain clarity and confidence in their next steps to creating a future that is exciting, meaningful, and fruitful. Our student programs give students the support they need now!


School Empowerment

programs_11Teachers, staff and students are amazing, caring, and intelligent people. But, they can only feel as healthy and fulfilled as the system above them allows. It is in the school’s “hidden” messages that determines what behaviors, thoughts and emotions students and staff will experience. If you are a school administrator who would like to learn more about how to truly bring to life a healthy and empowering school, please contact us.


Parent Empowerment

programs_13As teachers, students, and schools becomes more empowered and healthy, it is crucial that the parents get involved learning the same new-paradigm concepts and skills. Our parent coaching program, The W.E.L.L. Home, provides a solid foundation for parents of the students in our programs to truly empower their child.