The W.E.L.L. School

The W.E.L.L. Lab: A Wellness, Empowerment and Leadership Coaching Center as an Alternative to Suspension, Detention, and Negative Discipline  

dreamstime_m_41542006The U.S. suspended 3.5 million students in-school,  3.45 million students out-of-school and expelled 130,000 students in just a single year. These individuals are at a greater risk for ending up in jail, sick, or even dead. Suspensions are associated with negative student outcomes such as lower academic performance, higher rates of dropout, failure to graduate on time, decreased academic engagement, and not being able to form future meaningful relationships and functional families. Each child who drops out, uses drugs and becomes a career criminal costs the taxpayers 2.5 million dollars.  Research shows that what is needed is a safe place for students to process emotions and stress, build appropriate sensory input strategies and positive references, learn to self-regulate and set meaningful, reachable goals, engage in restorative justice practices, and develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills that effectively transfer back into the classroom and into their lives in their community. This program includes the Teacher Empowerment Program, the Live Your Legacy Leadership Curriculum and Experience, and leadership coaching and consulting for the Principal of the School.

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Teacher Empowerment: The W.E.L.L. Classroom 

dreamstime_m_72541082The Teacher Empowerment Coaching program, just in the design of the program itself, supports teachers in learning and sustaining the most current trauma-informed, resilience-building, personal empowerment research practices today. School Districts and principals who want their teachers to become truly effective in these skills can call on our Teachers Empowerment Coaches to support them in the classroom in implementing teacher methodologies for empowering all their students even the most troubled. Each teacher receives in-real-time classroom coaching from an Empowerment Coach. The two become a team for transforming whatever is needed. -No evaluations -No “have to’s”.  Instead, there is an ART and SCIENCE to this shift. The science of the “why” and “how” to truly be empowered is mixed with the art of the teacher’s personality and gifts come together to create their own W.E.L.L. classroom. 

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Student Empowerment: Live Your Legacy “in-school” Leadership Experience

shutterstock_coaching8Most high school students live with toxic stress that affects their choices, health, and levels of success. School is a place that we can teach teens how to deal with the stressors in their lives and set goals that truly work and are enjoyable. i.b.mee.’s W.E.L.L. Coach, Dr. Meg Hanshaw works with the principal and a teacher (health, PE, or counselor) to develop and implement an experiential empowerment course/leadership program. The foundational framework of the W.E.L.L. System is based in coaching science and includes learning concepts and skills in wellness, personal emotional and mental resiliency, process goal setting, finding and living your purpose, peer coaching, and setting boundaries to name a few. The first year involves a lesson-by-lesson development process until the school’s individualized program is complete.

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Principal and Leader Empowerment: Consulting & Coaching  

shutterstock_245966344If you are a leaders of a school and are ready to move forward with creating trauma-informed, person-centered learning environments that are truly healthy and empowering for your students and staff in the new educational paradigm, then contact us to consult with you to discuss what you are wanting. Dr. Meg Hanshaw will help you take all the trauma-informed trainings (CRM, Compassionate Schools, Mindful Schools) and create your plan that meets you where you are and then help you implement it!   If needed, she will meet with the key stakeholders of the school to determine and implement healthy, empowered and W.E.L.L. ways of being (processes and systems).

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Training & Speaking for PTO’s, Teachers and Administration

Dr. Meg Hanshaw does speaking engagements and group trainings on the Empowerment Education Framework and the W.E.L.L. System basics for PTO’s, administration, teachers, and students. She also works with business leaders and employees to help build their teams to be more resilient, connected, motivated, healthy and happy. 

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School Leaders: Tell Your Educational Stories

unanswered questions - brainstorming conceptYour stories WILL send a WAVE of positive change in education that will affect every child, student, teacher, parent, school administrator and school system in the world. Your answers provide the foundation for a major research study that is desperately needed to solidify the foundation of the new Declaration of Education where ALL students thrive and learn in a positive, healthy and empowered environment.

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