missionandvisionOur MISSION and VISION:

We are dedicated to serving as the central hub of the Empowerment Education Revolution by setting a new standard and bringing to life a healthy and empowering education system so all students are W.E.L.L…so schools are where EVERYONE THRIVES.



L – heart-centered LEADERS

L – who love to learn, love life and are living their LEGACY now!

It is time for a new story of education:

 “A story based on a new definition of success, healthy ways of being, innovation in motion, and an expanded idea of what it means to learn and be human.”

The new story of education entails a SHIFT in focus in how students and their teachers work together to learn, a shift in how they connect to their own thinking, feelings, and actions, a shift in how they create and maintain good health, a shift in how they define and feel successful in their lives, and a SHIFT in how the educational system views how humans learn and what students and teachers truly need to create an inspired and compassionate learning environment based on the most current evidence-based and experiential research.

The answers to this new educational story are happening in bits and pieces all over the world, already making a difference. They are just needing to be gathered and centralized to allow great empowerment minds, practices, programs, and schools to be seen and heard.


“What is the process of a truly intrinsically-motivating, healthy educational system- one where students can’t wait to wake up and go to every day because they are excited to have another experience of how their gifts, innovations, ideas, and personal passions will come alive and contribute to the greater good today?”

OUR VALUES (all equally important)

  • Wholistic Well-being 
  • Courage and Vulnerability
  • Freedom and Authenticity (allowed to be yourself completely)
  • Trust and Faith
  • Personalized and Collaborative Learning
  • Compassion and Empathy 
  • Flow, Flexibility and Fun
  • Gratitude and Joy
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Connection and Communication
  • Self-Awareness and Reflection
  • Respect and Social Justice/Equity
  • Internal and External Empowerment/Resilience
  • Self-Responsibility and Love

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