Live Your Legacy Graduates




“I learned to design a future that fits me. I know how to connect to myself and help myself feel less stressed and less afraid.” ~Cathy






“I loved my coaches. They knew how to really be there for us.” ~Nyah




“The camp really helped me gain confidence in myself. I learned how to connect with people and stand my ground. the camp really helped me learn how to hold myself to a new and higher standard. it was a really great experience and its gonna stay with me for the rest of my life.” ~Dorothy





“During camp last summer I learned that I can still gain self-confidence and feel good about myself even if I am different. …different is good! I also learned that you shouldn’t let what others say about you get you down. I used this camp experience during my school year to help with my confidence and also help me not let bullies get me down. This camp was a great learning experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Not only is it fun, but you learn skills that you can use in everyday life. Hope you all learn as much as I did! It has really made a difference in my life”. ~Kaitlyn




I recently went to compete in swim team regionals and got the job I wanted at a bakery in town. I never would have been so at ease with either of those if it wasn’t for what I learned at the summit! Thank you for what you did for me and I hope those girls receive the same things I did or better!” ~Lila





“My school year has been amazing & I have found new growth and personal experiences that I don’t think would have been possible with out the help of you and Kim and Elizabeth and the other girls! I will 10/10 share the info with other girls because I think it is a powerful experience that ladies need! Thank you again for the amazing time with all of y’all” 🙂 ~Lachlann





“I am able to move through my challenging emotions and stay connected to my friends and my goals. I learned so much from my coach. She showed me that I am worthy.” ~Zoe




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