Live Your Legacy Camp 2017

Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and How to Get It!

Overnight Career and Leadership Retreat

10th -12th Grade Girls – June 16-23, 2018

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Our vision is a powerful one, -to lay the inner groundwork for YOU to live a life of personal empowerment and positive well-being, no matter how stressed life feels. 

Are you someone who does NOT want to waste time or money in college?  Do you want to become more clear about your path to college and beyond?  Do you want to enjoy college and use it as a true stepping stone for your career?

Many students graduate from college and do not know what to do. There is no reason for this to happen! We are here to truly support you in finding your way! 

AT OUR OVERNIGHT CAMP, you will walk away with:

  1. How to turn your Passions and ideas into Action and step onto your path to a Career that you Love.
  2. Knowing how to make Valuable Connections and Partnerships with others.
  3. Stepping out of your comfort zone and empowering yourself to move forward with what YOU want. 

We have found that the majority of high school students are stressed out about some of these things!

  • Knowing what career they want and choosing a major.
  • Applying for college.
  • Money and the debt they could have after college.
  • Leaving home and starting a new way of life.
  • Making friends and fitting-in in college.
  • Their ability to speak to a group.
  • Marketing themselves.
  • Being safe in college.
  • “Making it in life” – getting a job and making money.
  • Telling others about their challenges.
  • Asking for help for their challenges because they don’t think that asking for help will solve anything.
  • Stepping outside of their comfort zone.



Research shows that PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL COACHING (based in the science of value, intrinsic, wellness and life coaching) improves a student’s self-awareness, self-management skills, decision-making, and subjective well-being.

Students who attend our Live Your Legacy camp receive high-level empowerment coaching throughout the week and 1X/month for 6 months afterwards! 

This supports the girls in handling the challenges of college and life and stepping out of their comfort zone more often than those who are not exposed to coaching.

Coaching increases feelings of personal EMPOWERMENT so that YOUR goals reflect who YOU really are.

Self-Coaching helps you get comfortable with setting personal boundaries with confidence and clarity and move forward with what you need and want connecting better with friends, with dating, and with co-workers.

We would love YOU to attend our exclusive week-long overnight camp for 16 GIRLS and walk away feeling excited and more empowered about your future.

shutterstock_stress2CAMP INFORMATION

Camp dates: Sunday June 16, 2018, Noon to Saturday June 23, noon.

Costs: $1200  

Scholarships and payment plans available. Please don’t hesitate to apply. The form is in the application packet.

Location: Western Carolina University


 Any questions? Go to our Contact Page and ask away! or call Meg Hanshaw 828-242-9067.

Director: Meg Hanshaw PhD

Meg has been working with high school girls since 1985 researching, developing, piloting and benchmarking empowerment programs. The culmination of this research is the current LIVE YOUR LEGACY camp for high school girls.

She found that there are 2 major disempowering beliefs that just about every high schooler has by the time they are in 11th grade, and it is crucial that these 2 beliefs are redefined in a way that truly empowers them to live a W.E.L.L. Life. This is the key to a life of thriving and not surviving.

1. My goal in life is to be HAPPY”. Happiness is a “physical state” that changes along with all the other emotions that we have. Instead, what is more important and useful is learning to be emotionally and physically resilient so young people can handle any challenge that comes their way and celebrate the good things that also occur. When they know how to do this, they can set goals and not be stressed along the way and not fall apart or quit if they don’t think they are going to reach their goal(s). To challengestoolderstudentshift this belief, they must experience whole-person wellness, and connected communication and conflict resolution skills that build solid, effective relationships with themselves and others. 

2.  “I am successful when I get good grades and get into a good college”. High schoolers are trained to focus on getting good grades and going to college and then to believe that when they do, they WILL be successful. This is just not true. When young people base their success on outcomes (grades) and going to college, they miss out on what it truly takes to be successful in life, -(1) the step by step process of learning, growing, and taking small action steps, (2) being passionate about something (purposeful) that guides their motivation, (3) contributing to the greater good, and (4) HOW to do these things. When they focus on outcomes, they don’t learn what they truly love. They lose focus of their values. They become highly stressed out and then begin to believe that they need to be stressed to “make it” in the world. We have some of the most disheartening young person statistics that our world has ever seen, partly because of the secondary “trauma” that they experience because of the unintentional disempowering philosophy of the educational system. To shift this belief, they must experience focusing on their own “success process” and how this decreases stress and increases even more feelings of success! They need to learn to be IN the educational system but NOT OF IT by forming new beliefs that increase health, resilience, real success and how to live a purposeful life despite the focus on testing and grades.





Camp Activities and Curriculum: 

  • Take personal inventories that bring to life your strengths, likes, dislikes and passions to decide a career or a career direction that fits your personality.
  • Build your own brand, resume, portfolio, and your own website.
  • Learn to navigate college websites.
  • Determine if you want or need to sign up for scholarships and where to look.
  • Learn a cutting-edge self-coaching and communication tool called the WAVE Process® that will help you overcome stress and move through challenges and form connected relationships that work.
  • Develop self-care and wellness practices to increase your energy during college.
  • Practice communication, conflict resolution and team-building skills with friends you meet.
  • Learn how to tour colleges live or on-line so you get what you need (This takes patience!).
  • Find internships and/or create a small business that fits your path to your career.
  • Participate in a service-learning project that has meaning.
  • Determine if AP’s and the SAT and ACT are necessary for you.
  • Take part in a Ropes Course and White Water Rafting/Floating trip, hiking, swimming and team games.
  • Enjoy a night with a bonfire, special activities, and drumming.
  • Determine what might keep you from the success you want and what to do about it.
  • Learn to set personal boundaries that help you communicate and form awesome relationships with friends and feel like you belong and can stay safe in college.
  • Move through your fears about school, life, success and leaving your home city.
  • Explore what it means to truly love and accept yourself.
  • Learn to be more healthy. Make fruit smoothies and your own dehydrated fruits for breakfast and snacks, and get to try other healthy foods.


Camp Schedule Overview 

Sunday – Leadership Foundation/Wellness 101. Introduction to Empowerment and Success. What does it take to truly be healthy, happy, successful and living your purpose? Hiking/Yoga/Other Wellness and outdoor activities. 

Monday – Leadership/Empowerment 101. Ropes Course. Hiking/Yoga/Other Wellness and outdoor activities. 

Tuesday –  Leadership/Legacy 101. Career and Life Seminars. Passion Project. Career Building.  Branding Yourself. Personal tag line/purpose statement. Personal Website development. Hiking/Yoga/Other Wellness and outdoor activities. 

Wednesday   Leadership Skills 101. Career and Life Seminars. How to get into the college of your dreams. Personal Job Shadowing Project. Website. Resume. Portfolio. Scholarships. Internships. Hiking/Yoga/Other Wellness and outdoor activities.

Thursday  –  Leadership Skills 101. Making the Master Plan. Career and Life Seminars. Hiking/Yoga/Other Wellness and outdoor activities.

Friday – Leadership/Empowerment 201. White Water Rafting/Tubing. Bonfire. Drumming/Music. Breaking Through your fears and challenges. 

Saturday – Closing Connections. Brunch with parents. Group Coaching After Camp- What do you really need to be successful? How to stay connected with your friends?