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                Rising 10th – 12th Grade Girls 

           June 16-22, 2019


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Director: Meg Hanshaw PhD

Meg has been working with high school girls since 1985 researching, developing, piloting and benchmarking empowerment and leadership programs in athletics and education. The culmination of this research and experience is the current LIVE YOUR LEGACY Leadership Summit for high school girls.

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FOR MORE INFO: We have webinars that will answer questions and inform girls and parents on scholarships and information about the Summit on Monday nights from 7:00-7:30pm beginning February 18th through April. Please join us!

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You can join without a video camera. Just download zoom on your computer or phone. Please text or call Dr. Meg Hanshaw if you are having challenges getting on the call.

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Our vision is a powerful one, -to lay the inner groundwork for YOU to live a life of personal empowerment and positive well-being, living your highest and healthiest visions, making the difference YOU want to make in the world.




AT OUR 1-of-a-kind, experiential OVERNIGHT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT at Western Carolina University you will walk away with:

  1. How to turn your Passions and ideas into Action and step onto your path to a Career and Life that you Love.
  2. Knowing how to make Valuable Connections and Partnerships with others.
  3. Stepping out of your comfort zone and empowering yourself to move forward with what you want as a high-level leader.

We have foshutterstock_stress2und that the majority of high school and college students are stressed out about these things!

  • The state of the world right now.
  • How they can truly make a difference bringing their unique gifts into the world.
  • Knowing what career they want and choosing a major.
  • Applying for college.
  • Money and the debt they are afraid of.
  • Leaving home and starting a new way of life.
  • Making friends and fitting-in in college.
  • Their ability to speak to a group from the heart and feel heard.
  • Marketing themselves.
  • Being safe.
  • “Making it in life” – getting a job and making money.
  • Telling others about their challenges.
  • Asking for help for their challenges because they don’t think that asking for help will solve anything.
  • Stepping outside of their comfort zone.


WE ARE A COACHING and EMPOWERMENT COMPANY that sees each young person with her own unique gifts that when tapped into will pave the way to a fulfilled life. Research shows that PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL COACHING (based in Value Science, intrinsic, wellness and life coaching) improves a student’s self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-management skills, decision-making, and subjective well-being.

Girls who attend The Summit receive high-level empowerment coaching throughout the week (in groups of 4) before and after the week of the Summit! 

PARENTS also receive 2 – 60 minute information and coaching sessions around what new-paradigm parenting skills will benefit their girls after the SUMMIT.

Coaching increases feelings of personal EMPOWERMENT and helps build leadership skills so YOUR goals reflect who YOU really are.

Self-Coaching helps you get comfortable with setting personal boundaries with confidence and clarity and move forward with what you need and want connecting better with friends, with dating, and with co-workers.


We would love YOU to attend our exclusive week-long overnight Leadership Summit for 16 GIRLS and walk away feeling excited and more empowered about who you are NOW and about your future.




Camp dates: Sunday June 16, 2019, 11:00am to Saturday June 22, noon.

Costs: $1500  

Scholarships up to $1200 are available. PLEASE don’t hesitate to apply. The form is in the application packet or below.

Location: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC





 Summit Goals & Activities 

  • Take a personal inventory that brings to life your strengths, likes, dislikes and passions to decide a career or a career direction that fits your personality.
  • Learn a cutting-edge self-coaching and communication method called the WAVE Process® that helps you overcome stress and fear and move through challenges, form healthy relationships, and experience true well-being and success. 
  • Develop self-care and wellness practices to increase your energy so you feel good reaching your goals.
  • Lessen your fear of speaking out and leading.
  • Learn to be more healthy.
  • Practice communication, conflict resolution and team-building skills with friends you meet.
  • Take part in a TEAM Ropes Course and White Water Rafting/Floating trip, hiking, yoga, swimming and team games.
  • Enjoy a night with a bonfire, special empowerment activities, and drumming.
  • Determine what might keep you from the success you want and what to do about it.
  • Increase emotional intelligence and learn to set personal boundaries that help you communicate and form awesome relationships with friends and when dating…. as well as help you feel like you belong and can stay safe in college.
  • Move through your fears about school, life, success and leaving your home city.
  • Through the COACHING SCIENCE LENS (not therapy), explore what it means to truly love and accept yourself.
  • Collaborate together to form the guidelines of the camp to practice integrity, trust and self-responsibility.
  • Learn new definitions of health, happiness, and success that lowers stress and builds confidence and resilience to be yourself.
  • Gain clarity around your passions and purpose and learn how to vision map and take steps in reaching their college, career and life goals.
  • Design and present a purposeful project that sets them on a path for lifelong contribution.