You are reading this because you are a woman who:

(1) either owns your own business or takes part in a leadership role in your community and feel that you have an impact story, big or small, that could influence the next generation of female leadership,

(2) may already be working with high school girls and are interested in partnering with other women leaders and programs in some way to bring about even more community and individual change with ease and connection,

(3) understands the dire need for adult women leaders to mentor high school girls in the skills that truly give them the best chance of reaching their full potential in college, career and adult life.


Check out our event happening on April 3oth.

What is The Legacy Club?

i.b.mee. (I Be Me), an innovative, education nonprofit is having its 3rd Annual Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit for 10th-12th grade girls at Western Carolina University from June 16 – June 22.  During the program, certified life and wellness coaches facilitate individual and group experiences that support the girls in learning how to handle stress, form connected relationships, and be themselves no matter what, especially in diverse groups, and will help them gain confidence and clarity while on their path to the college, career and adult life that they love. 

legacy leadership summit for girls

The goal of the Summit is for it to grow to 32 girls and 8 Certified Coaches over the next 3 years, moving towards forming a school leadership-club-formula and/or community formula that works, and then expanding the model for boys. 

To support this vision, we are forming a powerful group of wonderful, diverse, women leaders who have the potential to make a major impact by becoming an integral part of the development and sustainability of this vision for our community.


Why be a part of the Legacy Club?

Our communities are in a critical time where our teens are experiencing epidemics like bullying, chronic diseases, depression and suicide, which is the 2nd cause of death for 14-25 year olds. You can read more about some of our teen challenges in one of our white papers.

The research we do at i.b.mee. shows that we can’t waste any time bringing wellness, empowerment and leadership (connection) experiences into young people’s lives, especially high school girls who may have not had that much support in the past. 

Women like yourself are shown to make a HUGE difference in the lives of our young females as mentors, coaches, facilitators, speakers, role models and sponsors.

As adult women, the more we courageously and vulnerably share about our life celebrations and challenges, the more we learn about ourselves and transform to even higher levels. Your personal impact story of what you have gone through in your life, what you have learned, and where you are now, is a critical component in the leadership development of high school girls. Most of us believe that our personal stories and strengths are not important to be shared, but your experiences and skills will change the lives of our high school girls and we need you!


#1 – We are having our first Legacy Club World Cafe conversation on April 30th 2019 from 3:30-5:30pm at Buncombe County Early College (the Birch Building, 2nd Floor AB Tech Campus). 

There you will: 

  • Meet other women with a similar vision, and experience the energy of contributing your powerful story and skills to a plan that will design, implement and sustain this vision.
  • Engage in a discussion of the challenges that high school girls face today and what they truly need to have the best chance to thrive. 
  • Work together to add impactful experiences to the current Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit for girls camp and begin to talk about the vision of a community/school high school girls wellness, empowerment, and leadership experience.
  • Collaborate to find opportunities to fund girls in financial need for this vision.
  • Experience some powerful leadership strategies that i.b.mee. uses successfully with high school girls (and really all ages).

Some of the ideas we have for our Legacy Leaders… 

♦You could ADD your own “Principle of Success” to a Live Your Legacy High School Girls Wellness, Empowerment and Leadership “book”. You have worked hard and you have a story that depicts your main “Principle of Success” that has helped you get where you are. Our local high school girls want to learn from leaders like you. Your story and principles of success will make a difference in their lives and beyond when shared. We could share this as a community project for all high school girls.

♦You could SPEAK on a video with other leaders about your Story and “Principle of Success”. You would speak about your story and your main Principle of Success in a short interview (hosted by a an interviewer). We would show it during the Summit and/or at the closing ceremonies of the Summit to the girls and their families, as well as in other girl’s community programs.

♦You could ATTEND an afternoon at the camp (and other programs) and share your story with the girls and what you think it takes for them to reach their full potential (or lead them in an experiential activity).

♦You could MENTOR and/or COACH a high school girl who wants to integrate the Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit Curriculum into a school/community leadership club to impact more girls OR who just wants some extra mentoring during the year. This is where our Legacy Club Leaders would experience our curriculum themselves and be able to model and facilitate it throughout our community.

In the meantime, could you support this vision by:

 – Asking 1 or 2 girls to apply for the Leadership Summit at WCU right away.

i.b.mee. is recruiting girls from all over WNC (and beyond) to attend the LYL Leadership Summit. There are so many girls who don’t have a chance to attend something as powerful as The Summit because they just don’t know about it. Eventually our goal is to have 1 girl from every high school attend and then they pass their “ticket” on to another girl in their school the following year. But in the meantime, as we grow the awareness of this camp, if you know girls right now, please let them know. Send them to the Summit website.

Donate to the Summit to support low-income girls to attend and/or find a community sponsor to support the Summit.  

Even though $1500 is inexpensive for a week of camp at this caliber, many of the girls who attend The LYL Leadership Summit don’t believe they could ever afford something like this so they don’t even try. When we say that we have sponsorships or scholarships for them, of course we get more girls to apply. We can’t make change in a girl’s life if she does not have her “butt in the seat” at camp, AND we can’t expand the program into the schools and community if these girls don’t get the high impact experiences we are going to expose them to…so it is crucial we help the ones that really want to attend, be able to financially. 

***We believe that as our women leaders come together to form a community team for this next generation female leadership vision, we will also solidify sponsors and donors for all of the programs that come together in our community to support high school girls. This is the goal…to work together. It is too important not to work together.

We want you to be a part of this inner circle LEGACY CLUB team!

If you find any part of your heart wanting to share your gifts and story in some way or you want to learn more, please attend the World Cafe Conversation on April 30th!

And if you would please fill out the interest form below and let us know who you are and that you might be interested in learning more…ask us any questions you want! 

Thank you in advance for your amazingness!

Meg Hanshaw PhD

i.b.mee. Founder, Executive Director & Summit Director



Live Your Legacy Summit Coach and Legacy Club Interest Form

If you are interested in being a life/wellness coach at the Summit or you are interested in being a Women's Leader Mentor, please fill out this form. It does not commit you to anything.