What is Empowerment Education?

Empowerment Education Paradigm

Empowerment Education brings together principles, research, and theories in whole-person Wellness, personal Empowerment (psychology and neuroscience), heart-centered Leadership, and creating and living your personal purpose, and merges them with best empowerment practices in coaching and education in a “learning and living” system that creates an environment of intrinsically motivated students who love to learn and are living their legacy.

In this system, EVERY student feels the freedom, confidence, and skills to live their highest and healthiest vision for themselves, their relationships, their community, and their world. Students are treated as creative, capable, and complete, and develop a personal experience of success based on their individual passion and intrinsic drive.

There are 25 Principals of Success that are connected to the model. (These are being published little by little in our blogs and in our book. – Stay tuned.)

Empowerment Education is the answer  to what our students are facing today:

  • Overwhelming stress
  • Performance anxiety
  • Loss of passion and creativity
  • Higher levels of illness and chronic disease
  • Frustration and anger
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Loneliness
  • Burnout and giving up

IMAGINE an Empowerment Educational system that develops students who …

  • Are authentically connected to their mind, body, and spirit and know how to get what they really need.
  • Have a strong sense of personal power and meaning.
  • Create connected, compassionate, respectful relationships with all ages.
  • Feel balanced, healthy and well.
  • Are intrinsically motivated to move forward (self-disciplined and self-responsible).
  • Are resilient and confident in handling life’s challenges.
  • Trust their ability to contribute, find solutions, and achieve personal goals toward their own definition of success.
  • Live their lives with purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Know what their gifts and talents are and have the confidence to develop a career that they love.

4 Key Concepts of Empowerment Education (from video above)

  1. Wellness: Grow and integrate the 12 dimensions of wellness that allows students to express and be themselves.
  2. Empowerment: Teach and model resiliency through building empowered partnership relationships that are based in acceptance and validation = connection.
  3. Leadership: Provide a culture of leadership that infiltrates everything the students do.
  4. Legacy: Allow students to know and share their unique gifts and strengths in the world in some way every day so they love learning and life.

3 Major Outcomes of Empowerment Education (from video above)

  1. Students’ intrinsic motivation to connect, contribute, learn and grow will stay strong for a lifetime.
  2. Living a healthy life will prevail. Negative stress in our students will be minimal and our chronic disease epidemic will greatly decrease.
  3. Students will not strike out to hurt others or quit unnecessarily; they will feel an inner confidence, peace and trust in life that will give them permission to contribute, find solutions, and set personal goals toward their own definition of success.