Teacher Empowerment Programs

The W.E.L.L. Classroom

fullsizerender-43For the past 7 years, we have been supporting innovative teachers with safe stepping stones to shift their classrooms into the new paradigm of 21st century learning using the whole-child, trauma-informed, resiliency-based philosophies and skills. Our trained teachers create student learning environments which decrease stress, aggression, and lack of motivation, and increase wellness, personal empowerment, self-leadership, self-discipline, and intrinsic motivation to learn and contribute.

Teachers practice our coaching and communication tool called the WAVE Process® which (1)  increases connection and partnership between adult and child, (2) decreases disrupted neurodevelopment and emotional triggers due to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and other life challenges, and (3) strengthens positive individualized developmental assets in their students and in themselves.

Classrooms become a place that highlight Empowerment Education in Action where teachers and students are thriving.

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The W.E.L.L. System Trainings and Coaching

center8Using our research-based “Principles of Success” and integrating innovative new educational paradigm research, these dynamic activities engage students in real-life conversations and activities that build social and emotional intelligence, wellness, personal empowerment, self-leadership, self-discipline, internal safety, awareness, and intrinsic motivation to learn and contribute. Teachers and students co-create common classroom language, values, guidelines, empowerment and conflict resolution techniques, 21st-century skills and concepts, and strong “family-like” relationships. Created by teachers, for teachers, our classroom community-time activities provide a unique opportunity for teachers to truly connect with their students bringing out their interests, feelings, perspectives, and needs which promotes higher brain learning mode and engagement. These relationships, concepts, and skills become the foundation of the W.E.L.L. Classroom.

Students learn more when Activities turn work into play!

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Empowerment Education Symposium: My Voice Counts

slide3Join our in-person, world cafe-style, new-paradigm educational forum to safely and openly discuss what is working and not working with our educational system and philosophy and what can be done to shift it. This is your opportunity to speak out and be heard, and give feedback on empowering ideas and solutions that can really make a difference! The information delivered will be used to create a new-paradigm Declaration of Education. Let your voice count!

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30 To Thrive Speaker Series

Leadership Signpost Shows Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement


Listen to 30 minutes of Great Minds in Empowerment Education from around the world as they dive deep with our i.b.mee. Founders. Topics will focus on the philosophies and skills that will be needed to shift education forward into a the new healthy and empowering paradigm so that all students and teachers are W.E.L.L. and prepared for success today. We provide our audience a chance to call in and ask questions. Free downloads are available.

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