Student Empowerment Programs

 Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit for High School Girls

“Empowering the Next Generation of Female Leadership”

IMG_8999Spend a week at Western Carolina University during the SUMMER in June taking a deep dive into our LIVE YOUR LEGACY program where high school girls will practice and experience high-level leadership, wellness, and empowerment skills that they will use for a lifetime in every area of their lives. Apply today for one of our Summit spots! Scholarships available!

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Live Your Legacy “in-school” Leadership Experience 

Leadership Signpost Shows Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement

Most high school students live with toxic stress that affects their choices, health, and levels of success. School is a place that we can teach teens how to deal with the stressors in their lives and set goals that truly work and are enjoyable. i.b.mee.’s W.E.L.L. Coach, Dr. Meg Hanshaw works with the principal and a teacher (health, PE, or counselor) to develop and implement an experiential empowerment course/leadership program. The foundational framework of the W.E.L.L. System is based in coaching science and includes learning concepts and skills in wellness, personal emotional and mental resiliency, process goal setting, finding and living your purpose, peer coaching, and setting boundaries to name a few. The first year involves a lesson-by-lesson development process until the school’s individualized program is complete. 

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Students: Tell Your School Stories

unanswered questions - brainstorming conceptYour stories WILL send a WAVE of positive change in education that will affect every child, student, teacher, parent, school administrator and school system in the world. Your answers provide the foundation for a major research study that is desperately needed to solidify the foundation of the new Declaration of Education where ALL students thrive and learn in a positive, healthy and empowered environment.

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Your participation WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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