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Body Mind Adventure After-School


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Live Your Legacy Skills Development Program

slide2“Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and How To Get There.”

-Reach Your Full Potential in School, Relationships, Career and Life

By high school as many as 40-60% percent of students become “chronically disengaged” self-reporting a lack of empathy, decision making, and conflict resolution skills as well as the participation in multiple high-risk behaviors to deal with stress. The high schoolers that do earn a college degree have been found to be ill-prepared for the “real world” and are even more stressed, burned out, and unhealthy after they graduate. More than 75 percent of employers in the US report that new employees with 4-year college degrees lack “excellent” basic knowledge and applied skills. Many students drop out of school all together, unable to balance school, jobs, and family. Public opinion polls show that having a mentor, working on a real-world projects, and learning skills like dependability, persistence, emotional resiliency, open communication, and teamwork are the most valuable in preparing youth for future careers.  The Live Your Legacy program helps high school and college students form a career around their passions, and gain clarity and confidence in their next steps to creating a future that is exciting, meaningful, and fruitful.

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Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit

challengestoolderstudentSpend a week during the SUMMER taking a deep dive into our LIVE YOUR LEGACY program where high school girls will practice and experience high-level leadership skills that they will use for a lifetime in every area of their lives. 

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Empowerment Education Symposium: My Voice Counts

slide3Join our in-person, world cafe-style, new-paradigm educational forum to safely and openly discuss what is working and not working with our educational system and philosophy and what can be done to shift it. This is your opportunity to speak out and be heard, and give feedback on empowering ideas and solutions that can really make a difference! The information delivered will be used to create a new-paradigm Declaration of Education. Let your voice count!

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Tell Your Educational Stories

unanswered questions - brainstorming conceptYour stories WILL send a WAVE of positive change in education that will affect every child, student, teacher, parent, school administrator and school system in the world. Your answers provide the foundation for a major research study that is desperately needed to solidify the foundation of the new Declaration of Education where ALL students thrive and learn in a positive, healthy and empowered environment.

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Tell my educational stories