Group Workshops

shutterstock_gorup6i.b.mee.’s own Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. BCC, Kim Griffith MS, BCC, and Mark Stamper, MBA, work with groups of teachers, administrators and/or staff to understand the current research in neuroscience and body-mind connection and how to apply the information in the classroom with an empowerment coaching process and philosophy that will change the way you deal with not only students but any relationship.

  • Learn about what the brain has to do with behavior.
  • Learn how personal energy (feelings, emotions) are related to thinking and  behavior.
  • Learn an empowerment coaching process to learn in the classroom that results in a more healthy and empowered classroom, students and teachers.
  • Learn how the covert systems and processes are what students and teachers really learn.

Workshops: 2-6 hours

Call 828-505-0599 for more information or e-mail

**All money is 100% donated to i.b.mee. interns, programs and services for students and their teachers and parents.