Empowerment Education Model

eem_artboard-7-copy-5In an empowered environment, students and their teachers and parents will experience excitement and energy for positive well-being and health, optimal life experiences, and the love of life-long learning and personal success within an intrinsically-motivating educational framework. Meg Hanshaw PhD developed this framework in 2013 and named it the Empowerment Education Framework (EEF).

The EEF is designed to serve as the foundational systems model in developing and implementing Empowerment Education. To do this, i.b.mee. Institute will bring together the best high-level wellness, empowerment and leadership programs, practices, leaders and schools, and research their efficacy within the EEF in developing healthy, successful and fulfilled students of the new world. We believe that this new paradigm will serve as one of the primary missing links in making our next generation a W.E.L.L. generation by stopping the connection crisis which will contribute to ending our chronic disease, violence, and school drop-out (quitting/depression) epidemic through eliminating toxic stress.

The Empowerment Education Framework consists of four components:

1. Self-Connection – Individuals increase their W.E.L.L. awareness and practice in twelve high-level wellness dimensions. They understand the importance and have the skills to take personal responsibility for their life (vulnerability and courage) while increasing personal feelings of love, security, joy, significance (purpose), variety, growth, and contribution. They do this through values-clarification, leadership and resiliency principles and training, and through self-coaching towards SELF-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence and self-empathy.

Bottom line – Be yourself.  We must provide time and space for self-development and connection.


2. Empowered Partnerships – Individuals learn to bring their “self-accepted and compassionate selves” into any other relationship and are able to positively partner to effectively collaborate and achieve common goals. Through effective “communication,” students learn that it is only when you bring your “accepted-self” with all your vulnerabilities and gifts, and mesh it with another’s, will true partnership occur. Teachers are trained to be “Empowered Partners” with students and are called “Empowerment Coaches” (Ecoaches) to teach and model connection, vulnerability and resiliency for the students so that they can successfully create and have empowered partnerships with others

Bottom Line: Let others be themselves. We must teach and model resiliency. -A Coach in Every Classroom.

You- be-You

  • Self Connection and Empowered Partnership  – Awareness and integration of 12 personal High-Level Wellness foundational concepts, theories, and principles.
  1. Self-Responsibility and Love
  2. Breathing
  3. Sensing
  4. Eating
  5. Moving
  6. Feeling
  7. Thinking
  8. Playing and Working
  9. Communicating
  10. Intimacy
  11. Finding Meaning
  12. Transcending

3. World Sustainability and Peace – It is vital that the educational environment create the space for personal and community innovative activities and programs to increase world sustainability and peace. Individuals develop an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of world systems, cultures and people within the 10 systems of high-level wellness. Individuals are allowed to innovate and create in every moment their highest and healthiest visions for themselves, their community and their world and bring them to life as their contribution and legacy.  

Bottom Line: Let all cultures flourish in peace. We must provide a culture of wellness and leadership that infiltrates everything the students learn and do.


  • World Sustainability and Peace – Awareness and integration of 10 Cultural Wellness systems.
  1. Creational
  2. Emotional
  3. Environmental
  4. Intellectual
  5. Occupational
  6. Organizational
  7. Physical
  8. Psychological
  9. Social
  10. Spiritual

4. Universal Principles of Success – There are certain empowering principles in life that when understood and applied create true empowerment through increased perceived control and stress tolerance. When individuals develop, learn, apply, and experience these principles of success, they will be more likely to step into their highest and healthiest vision and live it confidently and peacefully every day.

Bottom Line: Successfully live your personal legacy.  We must allow all students to learn how to share their unique gifts and strengths in the world in some way every day. Every person has an empowering story that they can share every day that inspires him/her to see the good in their life.  BE-Empowered!

The Principles of Success come from our Values. Our Values are the FORCE or DRIVE behind Empowerment Education. These values are the underlying source in everything we do. When we live these values through the Empowerment Education Model, the result will be a NEW DEFINITION OF EDUCATION, HEALTH and SUCCESS through High-Level Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Living your Legacy.

3 Major Outcomes of the Empowerment Education Model

To set and implement a new definition for education, health and success based in high-level wellness, empowerment, leadership and leaving a legacy, which ultimately results in 3 things:

(1) Students’ intrinsic motivation to connect, learn and grow will stay strong for a lifetime. It will increase intrinsic-motivation, joy, and passion for life-long learning and contribution.

(End the school drop-out epidemic, increase passion for learning and growth.)

(2) Negative, toxic, or chronis stress in our students will be minimal, and perceived control and stress tolerance will increase. It will increase health and wellness and energy to create and live one’s personal purpose.

(End the chronic disease epidemic, increase health, learn to create wellness.)

(3) Students will not strike out to hurt others; they will feel an inner confidence, peace and trust in life that will give them permission to contribute, find solutions, and set personal goals toward their own empowered definition of success. It will increase resiliency to life’s challenges and promote inner peace.

(Decrease the violence epidemic, Increase peace, empowerment and contribution, Live their personal legacy, destiny, and purpose in life.)