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childs-pic 5 Things Schools Can Do To Empower Students - RESEARCH shows that our young people are struggling. They are faced with pressures and disconnections that have resulted in three main childhood life-threatening epidemics that I call the “BIG 3”- -Chronic Disease -Depression/Addiction/Suicide -Violence/Crime/Incarceration The statistics from the Big 3 for our American youth are severe, preventable, and not necessary.  Here are just a few of […]
shutterstock_211313479 The Educational System Should Be About Learning …But IT’S NOT. - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. I met a young boy named Steven one morning at a car repair shop. He was the son of Jack, the manager. He was a bright, personable, and adorable 12 year old. As I like to do with students, I began a conversation to get to know him. He was in 6th grade and told me […]
Naughty devil schoolboy with lines written on a blackboard reading I will try harder in class and devils horns, tail and pitchfork. Detention and school discipline / punishment concept Are Teachers Just as Stressed as Their Students? - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. I was on my way down the hall of an elementary school to meet a teacher that I was coaching. I found myself behind a 1st grade class going back to their homeroom. As always, the young students were trying very hard to stay in a single file line, quiet, keeping their […]
Iloveme_267879074 The Birth of Empowerment Education - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place. (Unknown) My Passion. I had a passion, -playing basketball. I loved the smell of the gym, the sweat pouring off of my skin, hours of practice, learning and growing my skills, and the competition. I felt confident, strong, smart, and […]
shutterstock_245966344 One Foot in the Old and One Foot in the New - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. “Sometimes I get so caught up in where I need to go, I forget who my students are.” -Anonymous Teacher I recently subbed for six weeks in a public middle school for a health teacher. I hadn’t taught in middle school for a long time and I was excited to use all […]
connectionpicture_205021777 (1) Connection: The Key to a W.E.L.L. Generation - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. Connection is the key to a W.E.L.L. generation. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just connect with kids and they’ll grow up well, empowered, as self-leaders, and able to live their legacy? It is very simple in theory, but difficult in its application. According to Dr. Brene Brown, researcher at the University of Houston, […]
big change_118864402 The Followers are the Game Changers: It’s a New Dance - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. Have you seen this 3 minute popular video showing how followers are the key in changing a culture? …check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ Great leaders have the gift of vision. They see and know what positive changes could be even in the mist of cultural and system complacency or chaos. It takes a […]
shutterstockideas_88967773 It is time! - Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. It is time for a healthy, empowered education in a new world for all students!  Hello everyone! I am so excited to be introducing the first i.b.mee. Empowerment Education blog post and unleash my life’s mission. –for all children to have the freedom, confidence and skills to live their highest and healthiest vision […]