Consulting for Trauma Informed Education

shutterstock_apple2Trauma Informed Education for Schools, Students, and Teachers

Meg Hanshaw, i.b.mee.’s Founder and Executive Director, will meet with the key stakeholders of the school to determine and implement healthy, empowered and W.E.L.L. ways of being (processes and systems) in the school. The goal is to create a W.E.L.L. school for teachers, students and their parents.

Dr. Hanshaw has had a multitude of experience in developing empowered environments, healthy systems and processes, and self-motivated, thriving individuals. Completing her Ph.D. research with her dissertation in the process of highly effective coaches and teachers and being an educational sports psychologist (focusing on attribution and achievement motivation) catapulted Dr. Hanshaw towards her vision of creating thriving, empowered educational environments. She applied this knowledge on the basketball court as a coach for 15 years, turning around basketball teams with players and assistants that felt [empowered] confident, happy, healthy and balanced, (not stressed and “used”). She also spent a lot of time in many different educational environments as a teacher learning what works and doesn’t in creating empowered environments, teachers, and students. She then spent 6 years in corporate wellness again, learning and creating healthy systems for 350 employees in 6 different facilities.

During these times, through trial and error, Meg developed excellent coaching, applied research, and process change skills that gives her the abilities to progressively and patiently make big change. From all of these experiences, Meg and her research staff are perfecting their science behind Empowerment Education and are passionate in helping schools begin to move forward in creating environments students and teachers really want to work and learn in.  Being an avid systems-thinker and visionary allows Dr. Hanshaw to bring out the strengths and weaknesses in the school’s processes with administrators, teachers and students in a connected, clear, and effective way.

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Meg Hanshaw Ph.D. speaks on different topics for PTO’s, teachers, and students to help them understand what empowerment is and why it is important to move in this direction.

Topics come from 3 focus areas:

  1. What is Empowerment Education and why is it important?
  2. What is the new definition of success, health and fulfillment?
  3. How and why must schools connect body, mind and spirit into their processes of education?
  4. What Empowerment Topic would you like? Please suggest!