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Meg Hanshaw i.b.mee. Picture 2019Meg Hanshaw Ph.D., BCC

Founder and Executive Director
Dr. Meg Hanshaw has been called an educational and wellness visionary for the 21st century, supporting all ages in understanding and living a healthy, empowered, purposeful life. Her mission is to have a profound impact on the health and education of the world by teaching and living the principles of the world’s happiest and healthiest people. Through her forward-thinking practice, she researches and lectures about how the heart-brain connection affects the development and prevention of chronic illnesses as well as how it affects our work and home systems, and especially our educational system. Through her education and experiences, Meg has developed an educational model and philosophy to not only better the health and wellness of its participants, but for them to feel empowered to live their highest and healthiest visions and have many experiences of true personal success based on intrinsic values. Meg taught physical education and health at all levels for 20 years, then spent 6 years in Corporate Wellness where she learned the challenges individuals face in living a life of balance, authenticity, peace and happiness. She owned a Peak Performance business where she mastered how to provide a platform for athletes to perform at their optimal level and still lead a balanced life. She is certified Life Coach as well as a certified Wellness Inventory Coach.  Meg has a masters in Exercise Science and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction in Education. She currently oversees the day to day development of i.b.mee. as well as trains in the Empowerment Education Framework and the W.E.L.L. Kids NOW® System curriculum to students, teachers and parents.

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Board Members

The i.b.mee. Board was established in January of 2011 and is comprised of three members. The Board is highly committed to the success of Empowerment Education and participates fully in all aspects of the company.

Our goal is to continue to hire student interns and staff  who have the vision and passion of creating new way of learning and teaching using a bottom-up/inside-out and top-down/outside-in approach to change.


Mark Headshot - Resized (2)

Mark Stamper, MBA, ACC

Co-Founder, President of the Board

I desire to “connect with the heart of the leader” in all that I do and who I am.  At the same time, I desire to bring leadership with impact to i.b.mee. I am enthralled by leadership and see the terrific value of wellness.  It is nothing short of exciting to be part of an organization that has built an education model that integrates W (wellness) E (empowerment) L (leadership) L (legacy).

I am a certified coach through graduate studies at the University of Texas’ Executive and Professional Coaching Program in their School of Management and the Coaches Training Institute.  The Texas program included certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My 30+ years of teaching was predominantly at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana.  In addition to years in the classroom, I’m also certified by them to teach online.  I was honored to be awarded an Excellence in Instruction award in 2015, which is basically an adjunct of the year award.  I was chosen to speak at the adjunct faculty statewide conference in 2012 on Connecting in the Classroom.  I also briefly taught at Indiana Wesleyan University, where I also earned my MBA and was awarded the Outstanding Professional of the Class award.

Currently, I also an am adjunct instructor at Maryland University of Integrative Health for a basic coaching skills course.  I also do mentor coaching with students, where they try to integrate basic coaching skills with health and wellness coaching tenets.  It’s exciting to be at one of the few institutions to incorporate both sides of coaching.

I retired from IBM after 35 1/2 years.  During my career, I was a senior consultant and an internal professional coach, coaching in many IBM programs, including Master Deal Maker, Career Advisor, Distinguished Engineer candidates, High Impact Presenting, Advanced Sales Coaching, Life-Work Balance and Resilience workshops, etc.  During my last year with IBM, I was also the leader of the IBM Coaching Community of Practice, a worldwide community of 500 coaches.  And I’m still honored to have received the prestigious IBM Leadership Award.

In 2010, I earned a Wellness Inventory Certification.  Although I had my own Coach Mark Stamper coaching and speaking business, I wanted to take my practice holistic, and knew that wellness was the missing piece. 

I do select contract coaching through my Coach Mark Stamper practice and as a sub-contractor for other companies.  I am honored by what one of my clients said, “You truly helped me through some decisions as a turning point in my life.  I do believe that you are one of the most insightful people that I’ve worked with.”  Coaching specialties include leadership empowerment, career, life/personal and goal achievement, as well as whole person health and wellness coaching.

Being an experienced motivational speaker, workshops have also been part of my practice.  I like to craft presentations that provide hands on tools that anyone can use to define their goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Contributing to our society drove a leadership role as the president of three non-profits.  Two of those was working with former offenders, and I am very honored to have been awarded a Volunteer Service Award from the White House for work with one of them. 

I worked for a newspaper before IBM, and I am a Marine Corps veteran.

Personally, I love to play tennis and was on a USTA club team that won the Indiana State Championship at the 3.5 level in 2013 and then finished second in the Midwest Region Championships.  I believe in fitness and although now a long time ago, that played out by bicycling around Lake Michigan and completing the Chicago Marathon.

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Kim Griffith, MA, BCC

Co-Founder, Vice-President of the Board 


Kim is a Board Certified Life, Health and Wellness Coach with her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies/Psychology. She developed the WAVE Process™, an effective 4-step coaching and communication tool and practice that is the missing link to what blocks people from thriving through the power of connection. She specialized in working families where her approach integrates brain research with the principles of high-level Wellness and Positive Psychology.

“Through my years of coaching and being a parent, I discovered a major common theme – our early experiences have a tremendous impact on our ability to create and live the life we really want.  What we are told as children, how we are supported, and how our early experiences shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, defines the quality of our life, and ultimately determines our individual experience of success. My research and experience with both parents and children led me to understand some important ingredients in providing an environment of confidence, connection, and compassion both at home and in school – that fosters a child’s innate desire to learn, love and contribute. My role with i.b.mee. fulfills my dream to share the concepts I’ve learned in both my personal and professional life to make an impact and contribute on a much larger scale. I envision a time when it becomes the norm for every child in our schools to be empowered with an educational environment that enables them to thrive.” Kim lives in Dallas Texas.


Traci Ploufe

Secretary of the Board 

Traci is known as an innovator who is committed to creating thriving communities by weaving resilience, advocacy and hope into the lives of children, families, and communities in the beautiful Adirondacks in rural upstate New York. She has spent 14 years as a Family Specialist and Counselor networking with families, local schools and community systems of care with the goal of raising healthy and whole children especially those who have experienced vulnerable life conditions and circumstances. She is deeply motivated to shift school systems that are stuck in the old paradigm because she believes that kids will have all that they need to thrive in the world when they are nurtured early in life with learning environments that are fully equipped to match each child’s needs. Traci is actively engaged in children’s ministries and youth events and enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking. She is a mother of a high school student and enjoys spending time and growing with her husband.

Student Interns 2013-Current

Fall 2019

Jackson Whitmore

Educational Researcher – Secondary and College Level

Brianna Rice

Educational Researcher – Secondary Level

Summer 2019

Landon Wade

Creative Writer – KidLand Novel

In this corner, weighing in at 190lbs. We have Landon Wade! Landon is a Professional Writing major from Western Carolina University. There he helps design The Nomad literary journal and works morning shifts in the English Department office and afternoons at Steak and Shake. Landon says his main goals are to find a way to make a living in the video game industry whether as a story designer or as a language localization personal. Over the summer of 2019 Landon worked with Dr. Hanshaw on her creative writing endeavor titled Kidland. Together Landon and Dr. Hanshaw forged the world of Kidland from the ores brought forth by interns before him. The ideals of i.b.mee. helped Landon to begin his transition from college to the real world.

Ivan Melchor

Educational History Researcher and Writer 

I am a senior at UNC-Asheville and am currently majoring in History with an interest in policy related issues. Under the guidance of Dr. Meg Hanshaw I currently help i.b.mee. by providing historical research into the economic and political factors contributing to the bureaucratic education system. The most exciting part of this research has been uncovering the interconnected factors that have produced the challenges we currently facing students and educators in the education system.  I am hoping to use this experience to help me decide where my passion lies as I prepare for graduate school in the years ahead. The best part of this research experience has been the opportunity to incorporate i.b.mee.’s values and learn at my own pace in a manner that best suits my learning interests.

Spring 2019

Olivia Sanford

Educational Researcher and Writer

I graduated from UNC Asheville in fall 2018 with a bachelor of arts in psychology and a minor in photography. I worked as a research intern at i.b.mee. during my final semester and continued for a few months post-grad. During my time as an intern, I contributed to the research around high school girls for the Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit. Since graduating I have been working as a full-time preschool teacher and will be moving to California in August 2019 as an Americorps member. I’m delighted to carry my insights from working with i.b.mee. to my new position as a mentor to at-risk students with Americorps.


Evan Van Leeuwen

Social Media Marketing & Community Outreach 

I am a Junior at UNCA pursing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Mass Communication. I plan on pursuing a career in marketing upon graduation. I help manage and create content for i.b.mee.’s Instagram page. Social Media is a great tool for marketing and advertising, and learning all about the world of Marketing under the Guidance of Dr. Hanshaw has been a wonderful experience. I want to help connect people with i.b.mee. so they can learn all about how to empower themselves and the importance of leadership, and I think marketing is a great way to make these connections. I enjoyed meeting new people in the community and connecting them to i.b.mee. and Dr. Hanshaw to explore partnerships and collaboration. 

Fall 2018

Benjamin Haynes

Graphic DesignBen_Picture (1)

I am studying new media and computer science at UNCA, which has given me experience working in a variety of coding languages including, Java, html, css, javascript, php and ajax. In addition I have produced several small websites through my web design class and my advanced web technologies course. I am excited to work on my graphic design skills using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator  designing and creating social media posts for the Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit 2019 for i.b.mee. 

Summer 2018

Elizabeth 20180713_225054Johnson

Writer and Live Your Legacy Summit Co-Organizer 

I am a rising senior at Western Carolina University getting my B.A. in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Management.  I am excited about writing in lots of different styles that are incorporated into a business setting from press releases to blogs. I also get to be a staff member at the Live Your Legacy Leadership Summit as well as help set up for the next Summit in 2019. Since starting my internship, I have learned to be more mindful about my thoughts and emotions, and witness events happening around my life so I can make more positive choices. I love i.b.mee.’s goal of helping others find their own passions at a young age and I’m glad that I get to learn how to empower others through interacting and observing other i.b.mee. staff, and learning how to connect to people in the community.

Fall 2016 

Nyneve PollardNyneve

Social Media and Videographer 

I am excited to be graduating from University of North Carolina-Asheville in December 2016 with a degree in Mass Communication.  Until then, I am humbled to expand my knowledge and skills concerning the professional world through an internship with i.b.mee., a game changing organization.  As a thoughtful introvert with a high level of imagination, I didn’t fit in into the school system throughout my childhood!  I think it will be amazing to work for a cause I believe in. Not to mention I will be doing activities I love- filming, design, photography, and writing!

chey bryant

Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Cheyenne Bryant

Central Hub Research 

I am a junior at UNC Asheville, majoring in Health and Wellness Promotion. My goal after college is to someday own and operate my own medicinal tea shop, because I have a passion for holistic medicine and want to share it with the world. Right now, I am juggling being a student and working three jobs. In my free time, I love creating any form of visual art, writing, playing my guitar, and spending time outdoors with my dog. As a child, I always changed my mind about what I wanted to do when I grew up, but one thing I never thought I could be was a teacher or someone involved in school systems. I had moved around a lot during my childhood and never found a school that I enjoyed going to, even though I always had a love for learning. As an adult, I can look back on my experiences while seeing my younger siblings endure the same ones, and I know that when I have children in the future, I want them to have significantly better education experiences. I’m still not sure if I have what it takes to be a teacher, but I know that I have enough motivation and inspiration within myself to help make positive changes in our education systems for the future generations. Educating our children should always be a priority, and I believe as a society, we need to respect our children and let them become active and empowered in their education. I want to be a part of changing the way kids learn for the better, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up working for school systems after all. I’m ready to see where my passions take me and how I can personally grow through my exciting internship here at i.b.mee. This is my 2nd semester working at i.b.mee.

Michaella Neal
Michaela Neale

Social Media and Marketing 

Hello! I am a senior at Western Carolina University and am studying Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I am excited to be working for i.b.mee. and feel like my experience here will help me in doing what I love after I graduate, …supporting others in “changing the game” through media. I am using my skills to help education change into an empowerment system. I believe education needs to change, and change quickly.


Jojo GravesJOJo

Fundraising and Technical Writer 

I am a senior at Western Carolina University and am majoring in Technical Writing. My dream is to graduate and work for an organization where I can make the “hard to understand” research & information in the medical field easy to grasp through my writings so the every day person totally knows their medical condition and the right treatments and decisions to make. Working for i.b.mee. allows me to practice these skills by taking the loads of educational research out there and enroll people in joining the Empowerment Education Revolution in whatever way they can!

Spring 2015

Melissa Habitmelissa stube

Research and Writing

I am currently a senior at Western Carolina University where I am pursuing a BA degree in English – Professional Writing with a minor in Studies in Women and Diversity. I will be graduating in August 2015 and will continue my education at WCU in the Fall for my MA in English. I believe that my recent connection with i.b.mee has been a universal calling for me to incorporate i.b.mee’s vision into my own life as well as to help advance the organization’s core values, mission, and vision. I can’t wait to see where my experience with i.b.mee will take me.


Shani Searcy


I am currently a senior at Western Carolina University studying English – Professional Writing and Dance. I am so excited to be the fundraising intern at I.B.MEE! I will be attending Western again in the fall to receive my M.A. in English. This position is a great opportunity to gain experience working with non-profits and companies that share my passion in wellness and children.


Christine Boissevein

Social Media Marketing Christine Boisenvain

I am graduating this Spring from UNC Asheville with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. I am from Dallas, Texas but school, tennis, friends, and the mountains make this my second home! I am interested in non-profit for the purpose of doing good for others, but I still have yet to figured out how I best can be used. I am excited to learn and grow in this position and to discover if this is where my skills lie. I am also so excited to work under the mentorship of Dr. Hanshaw and to integrate’s core values in to my own life as I pursue the unknown after graduation!



Carolyn HowellCarolyn Howell

Student Empowerment Symposium Project Manager 

I am a senior at Asheville High School hoping to go into Psychiatric Nursing. I first met Meg at a health conference at UNCA where she talked about what her program and what made her start it. Because I could relate to her athletic experiences, I became interested in the connection between the mind and the body. I then decided to do my graduation project, with Meg as my mentor, on the connection between the two. Since I am a part of the population that Empowerment Education is geared towards, I hope to utilize my own perspective in developing the Empowerment Symposium. I am excited to see how it will turn out and I hope to give people a different perspective on learning and thinking through situations.

Fall 2014

suzanne crawfordSusannah Crawford

Senior, University of North Carolina, Asheville: Health and Wellness Promotion Major

Assistant Director, i.b.mee. Institute

Susannah is a high energy, fun, and intrinsically motivated young woman. She came on board in June 2014 and had the task of creating i.b.mee. Institute’s foundational research protocols to move forward in the development of i.b.mee.’s Empowerment Education Certification for schools.

While working at i.b.mee., she achieved the following:

1. Update the i.b.mee. White Paper to give a clearer evidence-based foundation for why  Empowerment Education and the certification are needed.  (includes trauma, brain, connection research)

2. Help create the Working Definitions and Criteria for wellness, empowerment, leadership, and live your legacy from our foundational research.

3. Develop the protocols for the Empowerment Education Certification Criteria

4. Develop the Research Hub Form to house all empowerment media and keep all information organized.

5. Create the Foundation Research Form to set the pre-criteria for the certification.

6. Begin to find qualified media to read the Research Hub Brief (mini-blog) and create the protocols for Simply Empowered (Tips on Pinterest). Analyze the media and pull out the main empowered information.


Cheyenne photoCheyenne Quindara

Junior, University of North Carolina, Asheville: Health and Wellness Promotion Major

Assistant Marketing and Social Media 


Cheyenne was hired in August 2014 to help create a solid foundation for our marketing division.

While working at i.b.mee., her goals are to:

1. Create a marketing protocol for the department and begin to follow it.

2. Create a template for our Pinterest Pins

3. Create the Empowerment Education E-Letter Template and release our first E-letter in December 2014.

4. Assist in creating our program logos.

5. Assist in promoting our blogs, forums, and speaker series written by our Board and Staff through the social media outlets.


rebekah baucomRebekah Baucom

Senior, University of North Carolina, Asheville, Health and Wellness Promotion Major

Special i.b.mee. Project (For the School Health Advisory Council: Wellness Opportunity Workshop)

Rebekah worked on a special project called the Wellness Opportunity Workshop or W.O.W., that was developed to assist the 49 public schools in Buncombe County Asheville NC to create and maintain functional School Health and Wellness Teams. The local School Health Advisory Team created, sponsored, and promoted the event and Rebekah worked on the master plan, helped at the actual event, and created a W.O.W. manual that will be used for years to come. The goal of W.O.W.  is to educate and motivate our public school health & wellness teams to be a STRONG school influence and support for their health and wellness initiatives, services and programs.

Tyler LongTyler Long

2013 HS Student Intern – Assistant Website Designer and Assistant  Curriculum Designer – Student Programs

I have seen many sides of the problems that students face and the ways in which our current system struggles to address these problems. As a senior at Asheville High School and a Youth Leader at another local non-profit I have experience in student leadership and public health. My work at i.b.mee. continues to expand my knowledge and change my perspective in a way that merges equity, education and wellness! Tyler is now attending  Wofford College in Spartanburg SC. His work to get the web-site up and functional and create many of our company processes that we still use today.

Other Past Contributors

Steffi Rausch & Brandi Delancey – Evolv – Website Developers –  

Victor Antillanca – Video Specialist (Front page video, Corrie’s video, Stat Video)

Maria Whitworth – Media and Marketing Specialist

Jason Garris – Video Specialist – 

James Gaffney – Blue Dozen Design  – Original Website Developer